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GUEST OPED EDITORIALS - Opinion and Commentary  Updated: 09/17/2019 03:33:09 PM


Kirk: Hong Kong Protests A Great Example Why Second Amendment So Important  
Tim Ryan: Dems Lose 48 States In 2010 If They Keep Going The Path They Going
Boy Scouts Need To Reform Or They Will Die As Organization
Nolte: Never Trumpers Show Just How Stupid Never Trumpism Is
Conway: Swift Went Against Trump - And LOST At MTV Awards  
Nolte: NYT Plays Victim Card Instead Of Racists They Are  
Nolte: CNN's Ryan Offers Up Ridiculous Reason Body Guard Roughed Up Supporter  
Young Americans Don't Value Patriotism, Values Or Having Kids  
Charlie Kirk: Left Wants To Deconstruct Nation From Within
Democrats Have Demonized Every Trump Supporter  
Cuomo's Guns Should Be Red Flagged After His Personal Meltdown  
The NYT Don't Write News Anymore, The Mob Does  
Backing The GOP Is Now A Crime
Why Do Dems Fundraise Off Tragedy?  
The Left's Power Over The Media On Display At NYT
Joe Biden Praised KKK Leader Robert Byrd But Says Trump Is Now Part Of The KKK  
Rand Paul: America Has Turned Into Place Where We Have To Prove Our Innocence
MLK Niece: Claims Against Trump Being Racists Totally False  
Fact Check: Sharpton's Claim About Trump Being A Racist Doesn't Line Up With The Facts
Nolte: New Segregationists Will Destroy Anyone Who Speaks Out Against People Of Color  
Muller Isn't Senile He's A Dirty Cop Forced To Get On Witness Stand By Democrats  
Chris Wallace: Today Was Disastrous Day For Democrats And Bob Mueller's Reputation
Omar Happened Because Media Chose To Lie To You
Coulter: MSM Lying About Drug Situation In America But What's New  
Chris Pratt's Shirt Called Out For White Supremacy Is Laughable  
Good News Means No News To Anti-Trump Social Media Groups  
Romney Should Know Better Than To Trash Trump
CNN, MSNBC Used Word "Racist" More Than 1100 Times In 24 Hour News Cycle  
GOP Sends 74 American Flags To Dems Noting Deafening Silence In Response To Attacks  
430 Former Members of Congress Are Lobbyists, Members Of Swamp According To Report  
Forbes: Trump Deregulation Key To Booming Economy  
Watters: Biden Doesn't Have It In Stomach To Fight  
Beto Pandered For Votes Speaking Spanish But He Doesn't Have A Clue In Either English or Spanish  
Limbaugh: The Dems Created The Base That Is Now Lashing Out - At Democrats  
Bozell: Media Set Out To Destroy Trump, They Have Destroyed Themselves  
Stuart Varney: I As  British Citizen Am Proud Donald Trump Has Visited UK And Made America and Britain Proud  
Barr's Russia Probe Of Investigators Only Way To Restore Credibility To Institutions
Charlie Kirk: Dem Push To Destroy Electoral College Will Mean End Of Democracy In America
Seven Reasons Why Uranium One Won't Go Away
Supreme Court Has Right To Intervene If Congress Fails To Uphold Constitution According To Dershowitz
They Were "Christians" Not "Easter Worshippers"
Steve Hilton: Joe Biden Should Be Called Joe China  
Peek: Biden Running Dishonest Campaign From The Start And It Won't Work  
Carlson: Where Is The White House And Congress As Tech Companies Cracks Down On Free Speech  
Google, Facebook Pour Money Into Blacklisting Conservatives
Jobs Report Contradicts Spin On Trump Economy News  
No One Should Be Surprised By Brian Sims Behavior  
Buttigieg: My Supporters Are Too White  
Students Rebel Against Transgender Ideology In Nebraska, Alaska
Trump Challenges John Kerry's Recent Visits To Iran As Possible Violations Of Logan Act  
Fitton: Mueller's Final Report A Final Abuse Of Power
Trump Is Right To Fight Against Obama Care  
Pennsylvania Democrats: Allah Is Fine, Jesus Is Not  
All Those Involved In Operation Crossfire Need To Be Prosecuted  
The Death Of Honest Journalism
The Silence Over Sexual Assaults At Border Is Deafening  
Assyrian Warns America That Omar's District In MN Is Whats To Come As Islam Seeks To Destroy Nation  
All Should Be Charged In The Operation Crossfire Hurricane Scam
Newt: Why Have We Been Lied To The Past Two Years
Being From The Left Means You're Privileged And Never Have To Say "Im Sorry"
Toensing: Mueller Probe Very Very Flawed  
Looking For Evil In All The Wrong Places In Christ Church in New Zealand
Maddow Should Be Apologizing To The American People  
Carlson: CNN Really A Super PAC For The DNC
College Admissions Scandal Part Of An Entitled Society  
Trump Showing The Nation Why The Russian Scam Is Why Dems Are Wrong On Everything Else Too  
Lowry: Since When Does Acting Innocent Like President Trump Did During Probe Mean He Was Guilty In The Eyes Of The Left?  
Sadly Those Who Spread False Lies During Probe Will Get Rich From Failure
BREXIT: Be Full Of Faith And Prayer But Don't Fear
I'm A Muslim And I'm Damn Angry At Dems Not Condemning Illhan Omar
President Trump Did Right Thing Grounding Boeing 737's Max 8 and Max 9 Planes  
Trump's Budget Draws Three Big Lines In The Sand That Separate Him From Progressives
Ingraham: College Scandal Shows What Real Abuse Of Privilege Looks Like  
Rich Rigged The System Without Shame In College Scandal And We Need To Take Note  
Carlson: We Will Never Bow To The Mob
Hull: Booker Hides Behind Smoke Screen Trying To Legalization Of Pot  
Hull: Taliban Talking With Uzbekistani Officials Should Worry U.S.
I'm A Muslim And Mad At Dems Refusal To Condemn Omar's Anti-Jewish Remarks
Dummies At Fox Back CNN While CNN Stabs Fox In The Back  
Beck: Trump Proving Me Wrong Every Step Of The Way  
Trump Has Stopped America's Decline Despite Media Picture Otherwise  
The American Way Of Life Vs. Socialism Will Be On 2020 Ballot  
Kirk: Trump's Free Speech Executive Order Is Moment We've Been Waiting For
Navratilova: Identify Politics Killing The World Of Sports  
Obama Officials Opine Using Military To Remove Trump If He Doesn't Accept Defeat Results In 2020  
California Likes Dead Voters Voting And Dead Judges Ruling From Bench  
Divided Methodists About To Split Church Over Homosexuality, Lesbianism  
Clergy Abuse Making World A Dark Place
Faith: Another Type Religious Leader Must Arise
Christopher Hull: Let Me Count McCabe's Lies
Smollett Getting More Attention Than A Murdered Son  
Dems Ignoring Bernie Sanders This Go Around In 2020
McCarthy, McCabe Interview - The Unanswered Questions  
Dems Won't Stop Wasting Your Money On Russia Investigation  
Ingle: Pro Abortion Laws "Repugnant And Vile "  
Penn: Green Deal More Like Mai Manifesto Than Roosevelt's New Deal  
The Abortion Agenda and Its Benefactors and What You Need To Know
Former Agent: I Fought Sex Trafficking First Hand And We Need A Wall!
Britain's Free Speech Is Disappearing And No One Seems To Care  
Bill Bennett: Why The Democrats Have Turned Hard Left  
Nolte: Karma Comes For Virginia Governor Ralph Northam
Don't Expect Mainstream Media To Apologize To Catholic Students  
What the Pink Tower Said To Pro Lifers The Night New York Signed Baby Killing Into Law  
Nathan Phillips is A Liar, Not A Victim
Children Abusing Children: The Next Front On Sexual Abuse
Was George Washington A Failure: Historians Debate Facts, Rumors  
Ocasio Cortez's 2019 "New Deal" More Radical Than Marx, Lenin Manifestos
Bad Timing For Dems To Push Elizabeth Warren For 2020 Presidential Race  
Federal Dollars Finding Their Way Into Louis Farrakhan's Pocket Amid His Anti-Semitic Hate  
ISIS Lost In 2018, But Threat Of Terrorism Still Real For 2019
Five Foreign Policy Headlines You Can Expect to See In 2019
North Dakota Governor Says Criminal Justice System's Worst Fight Is The Opioid Problem In America  
Goodwin: A Wall Would Prevent These Senseless Border Tragedies And Deaths Of Children


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Special Great Smoky Mountain Journal Interview Celebrating Veterans

Interview With 25-Year Iraq-Veteran Retired USAF Lt. Colonel Todd McDonald

With Special Discussion With Rev. Wayne McDonald, Retired U.S. Navy About How We Need To Honor Those Who Have Given Their Lives Protecting Our Nation

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