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Updated: 09/23/2019 11:42:16 AM

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American Airlines Pilot Accused Of Sabotaging Jet; Came From Iraq  
Minnesota Parents Rally To Protect Kids Against State Mandated Planned Parenthood Sex- Ed  
Convict Arrested For Allegedly Raping Amish Woman In Her Own Home  
Missing California Mother's Remains Found - Husband Arrested  
Illegal Alien Convicted of Stabbing Three Year Old Girl To Death On Halloween  
Lyft Sued By 14 Women Who Claimed Drivers Sexually Assaulted Them Or Raped Them  
Swedish Scientist Proposes Cannibalism To Fight Climate Change  
Nearly Four Tons of Meth Found In New Mexico  
Eight States To Go After Facebook For Anti-Trust Violations  
Wal-Mart Bans Sales Of Ammo In Alaskan Stores  
Accused Kidnapper Claims Father Sold Child For $10K
Midland Shooter Failed Background Check According To Texas Governor Greg Abbott
41 Shot, 7 Fatally In Chicago Over Labor Day Weekend  
Before Suicide, NYPD Detective Was Questioned About Sister's Double Murder Hire For Plot Scheme  
Agency Boss Accused Of Furnishing Girls For Jeffrey Epstein's Island Vanishes  
Lawmaker: IG Report Going To Lead To Indictments  
Eight Schoolchildren Killed In China Knife Attack On First Day Of School  
Three Shot Outside Minnesota State Fair Event  
Woman Arrested For Burning Flag Gets Priceless Response From VA Firefighters  
American Idol Contestant Dead In Motorcycle Accident  
Student Driver Who Led Police On 137 MPH Chase In Custody  
Oregon Man Accused Of Sending Lewd Pics To Alabama Girl  
West Tennessee Pastor Found Guilty of Raping, Abusing Child  
Hayes: Comey's Claim He Didn't Leak Just Don't Measure Up To IG Beatdown Of Former FBI Director  
Rotherham Rape Claims Among Gang Members Increase  
Delta Gives 100 Flights And Over  $1.5M To Help Fight Human Trafficking
Epstein Victim Anouska De Georgiou Appears In Court Pleading For Justice
Parents Kidnap Teen Daughters, Assault Them In Bedroom  
Illegal Alien Pleads Guilty In Murder Of 10 Year Old  
MPAA Executive In Washington Arrested For Alleged Rape, Blackmail  
Alabama Couple Arrested For Starvation Of Three Year Old Boy  
NYPD: Attack on 58-Year Old White Man Was Hate Crime  
Prince Andrew Continues to Deny Epstein Ties In Latest Attempt To Distance Himself From Dead Pedophile  
Sweden Bombings, Explosions Up 45% in 2019  
Facebook Building Communist Like Social Media "Credit System"  
Iowa College Fires Professor When Antifa Ties Surface  

Woody Allen, Paltrow, Couric, Handler, Stephanopoulos Busted Partying At Epstein Mansion Before He Dies

Agency Was Spotted Scouting Fresh Flesh In Brazil Before Epstein Arrest
Bill Gates Fly On Epstein's Lolita Express After Pedophiles Prison Stint
Victim's Lawyer: Epstein Was Murdered According To Prison Source
Atlanta Attorney Charged With Murder After Golf Ball Hits Mercedes  
Italian Leader Praised For Stopping Mass Migration  
Smugglers Charging Migrants Up To 9K Each To Enter U.S.A.
25 Tons Of Fentanyl  Seized In Mexico
Dem Gov. In NC Vetoes Bill Sheriff's Cooperate With ICE Agents  
Huffington Post Sued For Defamation In Kavanaugh Article  
Grand Jury Subpoenas For Up to 20 Officers At NYC Prison Where Epstein Died  
Senior Citizens Busted For Sex Romp In CT Park  
Two NY Women Plead Guilty To Planning Terrorist Law Enforcement, Military  
Boy Members Face Up To 15 Years After Brawls With Antifa In Manhattan
Modeling Agency Provided Epstein With 1,000 Underage Girls  
Don Lemon's Sexual Assault Accuser Has Witness According To Reports  
Miss. Ice Raids Produce NO Arrests For Employers Of Illegal Aliens  Kerik: NYPD Cops Now Afraid To Do Jobs After Garner Firing/
Epstein Former Cell Mate Receiving Threats From Guards To Remain Quiet About What He Knows About Epstein Suicide  
Mexican Man Extradited For Trafficking Back To US
Italian Psych: Let's Do Electroshock To End Prejudices
New Jersey Woman Accused Of Setting Man On Fire After Refused Booty Call  
Three NYPD Officers Injured In Brooklyn Mob Attack  
Dems Deliver Warning to Supreme Court Over Restructuring  
President Trump: Raids A Great Deterrent To Illegal Immigration
47 Shot In Chicago, 4 Fatal Over Weekend
Ohio Man Who Wrote "Cortez Should Be Shot" Arrested  
Illegal Alien In Mollie Tibbetts Case Claims His Rights Were "Violated"
Epstein Told Reporter He Saw Several Silicon Valley Notables Doing Drugs, Sex On Island  
Illinois Leaders Warn Illegals Of Possible ICE Raids
Death Camp For Trump Supporter Fliers Seen Throughout New York City  
FBI Agents Had Affairs With CNN Reporters According To Report  
Louisiana Woman Says Meth Hidden In Her Vagina Was Not Hers  
You Tube Video Leads To Animal Cruelty Charges Against Woman  
Police: Man Who Entered Missouri Wal-Mart "Lucky To Be Alive"  

President Trump Surges With Black Voters After Pointing Out Baltimore Corruption ; Chicago Weekend Of Violence: 7 Dead, 59 Wounded

Police: Man Who Entered Missouri Wal-Mart "Lucky To Be Alive"  
Jackson Lee: Trump Needs To Stop "Gestapo" Type ICE Raids  
One Killed, One Injured In Pittsburgh Stabbing At Bus Stop  
Allred Says She Has New Accusers, Information On Jeffrey Epstein  
Cyntonia Brown Released From Prison
Baltimore's Murder Rate Outpaces Central America's Most Dangerous Countries  
Non Muslim English Girls Ask For "Hijab" Day in November  
FBI Agents Under Fire For Sex With CNN Reporters While Bosses Looked The Other Way Under Comey, Wray  
Chicago Weekend Of Violence: 7 Dead, 59 Wounded
Wray Welcomes Stryok Back To FBI
Shooter Described Himself As Warren Supporting Leftist, Satan Worshipper  
Police: Convicted Murderer Flushed Pedophile Down Toilet  

Deep State Spy Stephen Halper Paid Over $1.5 M To Spy on Trump, Spying Work Went Well Into 2017

Judge Denies Epstein Bail Request  
Thiel: FBI, CIA Need To Investigate "Treasonous Google"  
Bill Clinton Continues To Distance Himself From Jeffery Epstein  
Brandon Judd Rips AOC Over Comments Regarding Detention Facilities  
Two In Five Dems Oppose Enforcement Of Judges Deportation Orders  
GOP To Trump: Sign Census Question Into Order Soon  
Pelosi's Daughter: "Some Of Our Faves" May Be Implicated In Epstein Case  
Florida Man Charged With Slicing Political Rival's Penis Off  
El-Chapo Sentenced To Life In Prison
Border Patrol Seizes $2M In Meth Along Border  
Trump Congratulates Pakistan For Capturing Mastermind Behind 2008 Mumbai Attacks in India  
Supreme Court To Decide DACA Amnesty Case Before 2020 Elections  

Updated: 09/23/2019 11:42:16 AM

Report: U.S. Attorney Recommends

Charges Against

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Top FBI Agents Take Aim At Christopher Wray

Carter Page FISA Warrants Illegally Obtained According To Coming IG Report

Feds: Epstein Did No Die In Prison Cell

Michael Flynn Exonerated During Hearing On DOJ Memo


Feilicty Huffman's 14-Day Sentence Sparks

Outrage Among Justice Officials


American Airlines Mechanic Accused of Sabotaging

Aircraft Came to U.S. From Iraq



Head Of Disney Music Group Charged With Child Abuse


Four Report Of Assaults Incited By CNN Journalists In Past Six Weeks


Woman Stabbed To Death in Random Attack In D.C. By "Refugee"

Aryan Brotherhood Gang Sentenced In Meth, Drug Trafficking Case


Feds Bust Drug Ring That Could Have Killed 14 Million In Fentanyl Roundup


Federal Prosecutors Considering Charges Against

Andrew McCabe of The FBI


The Latest On Jeffrey Epstein



Woody Allen, Paltrow, Couric, Handler, Stephanopoulos Busted Partying At Epstein Mansion Before He Dies

Victim's Lawyer: Epstein Was Murdered According To Prison Source

Bill Gates Fly On Epstein's Lolita Express After Pedophiles Prison Stint

Agency Was Spotted Scouting Fresh Flesh In Brazil Before Epstein Arrest


Accuser Says She Massaged "Simpson's" Creator's Feet

In Epstein's Private Jet



Bella Thorne: I Was Molested My Whole Life

Modeling Agency Provided Jeffrey Epstein Over 1000 Underage Girls

Ghislaine Maxwell Now Under FBI Scrutiny

Early Epstein Accuser: Could Have Been Stopped In 1997

Epstein Was Given Three French 12-Year Olds As Birthday Present

Epstein Prison Guards Not Cooperating With DOJ Probe According To Report


16th Police Officer Slain In Mexican Border State Violence In 2019



President Trump Surges With Black Voters After Pointing Out Baltimore Corruption  

Chicago Weekend Of Violence: 7 Dead, 59 Wounded


President Trump Calls For Red Flag Laws After Texas, Ohio Shootings Over Weekend

That Kill 22 In El Paso, 9 In Dayton

President Trump Addresses Nation About the Shootings

Deep State FBI Helped Hillary Bleach Bit,

Destroy Hard Drive With Hammer


Biden Pushes Straight Gun Confiscation Program

President Trump Rips Barrack Obama Over Tweets In Response

To Weekend Mass Shootings

59 Mass Shootings Under Obama With Three Or More Fatalities, 45 With 4 Or More

President Condemns "White Supremacists" In Speech Following Shootings


Federal Government To Resume Federal Death Penalty For First Time Since 2003  



Jeffrey Epstein and Dianne Feinstein's Husband Were Co-Investors

Epstein Found Injured In Fetal Position In Jail Cell


16 U.S. Marines Arrested Near U.S. Border On

Smuggling, Other Drug Charges


FBI Raid Uncovers Arizona Body Donation Center Body Parts


Judge Orders Special Prosecutor To Investigate Jessie Smollett Probe


Share Ride Mistake Leads To Death Of South Carolina

Student Found Dead In Open Field


Officer Accused Of Filming Himself Having Sex With Animal


President Trump's Former Attorney Michael Cohen Sentenced To Three Years In Prison  


LA Archdiocese Releases List Of Priests Accused

In Sexual Abuse Scandals

29 Priests and Deacons Accused Of Child Sex Abuse in Mobile, Alabama

Bishop To Release Names Of Pervert Priests


Former MLB General Manager Kevin Malone Makes It His Life's

Goal To Combat Human Trafficking


Trumps Border Rules Meant To Center In On Curbing Child Trafficking

U.S. Bishops: Trump's Proclamation Against Caravan "Illegal"


Jeff Sessions Out As AG, Whittaker At Large For Now


Senate Judiciary Committee Report Says Man Comes Forward Saying HE, Not Kavanaugh

Was The One Involved In Christine Balsley Ford's Accusations

Kavanaugh Rape Accuser Admits She Made Up Story


Feds: Heroin, Fentanyl Remain Biggest Drug Threats To U.S.

FEDS Ok Powerful Opioid Alternative Pill


Boston Mobster Whitey Bulger Murdered In Prison As He Was About To Out FBI Agents




Suspect Due in Court Monday As Harrowing Tales

Emerge From Violent Deadly Shooting In Pittsburgh

Brothers, Husbands, Couples Among Dead In Pittsburgh Synagogue Anti-Semitic Attack  

Knoxville Jewish Alliance Holds Vigil

Local Synagogue Working To Keep Grounds Safe


Statue Of Liberty Celebrates 132 Years Of Existence


Cesar Sayoc Arrested In Bomb Scare

That Covers Four States 

President Trump Decries Media's Bias Unfairness And

Rhetoric Following Bomb Arrest At Charlotte, NC Rally

Cesar Sayoc Had Long History of Violence, Threats And Criminal Behavior 

Twitter Ignored Threat By Bomb Suspect To Baltimore Mayor's Assistant


Police Officer Accused Of Sex Crimes Against Trafficking Victims