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Updated: 02/17/2020 11:50:00 AM

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Twitter Takes Away All Of Flynn's Wife's Followers After Tweet Of Support
Man Convicted Of Raping Twin Girls, 4, And Giving Them Both A STD
Nike Joins Effort To Block Bill That Would Prohibit Transgendered Girls Who Turned Into Boys Participating In Girl Events
Podesta Linked Judge Blocks Efforts To Get To Bottom Of Seth Rich Murder
Nadler Sends Bill Barr Letter Demanding DOJ Answer Why It's Receiving Ukraine Info From Guiliani
Trump Vows To Declassify Obama Hidden Documents On Fast And Furious
Parent Arrested For Running Sex Cult Out Of Daughter's Dorm Room
California Man Dishes Sexual Assault Hearing To Meet Michigan Girl He Met Online
AG Barr Files Lawsuits Against Sanctuary States, Cities In NJ, MD and Washington State
Woman Convicted Of Beheading Ex-Boyfriend's Mother With Steak Knives
Cell Phone Of Missing Teen Found In Hawaii After Parents Flee Authorities Seeking Questions In Death Of Teen And Young Sibling
President Trump Promises 1000 Miles Of Border Wall
U.S. Border Seizures Of Meth And Fentanyl Set To Break Records In 2020  
Orson Bean, 91, Killed After Being Hit By A Car In L.A.  
How Orson Bean Influenced Andrew Breitbart
AG Barr Targeting Sanctuary Cities
Wall Street Journal: President Trump To Seek $2B For Border Wall In 2020
Illegal Alien Demands Cameras Not Be Allowed In His Trial For Killing 92 Year Old
Migrants Found In Texas Hotel Near Mexican Border  
Gunman Ambush And Kidnap, Kill Two Mexican Federal Agents On Stakeout
Cartel Kill 8 In Latest Mexican Attack
Rape Case To Be Dropped Against Doctor Who Appeared On Reality TV
Key Weinstein Accuser: There Is My Rapist
900K In Counterfeit Bills Found In Border Crossing Raids At International Falls MN
Teacher Accused Of Molesting 13 Year Old Facing Deportation
Anti-Gun Trama Surgeon Behind Fake Death Threats To Prominent Dems Including Clinton, Pelosi, Others
Five Deadliest U.S. Cities In America
900K In Counterfeit Bills Seized At Border Crossing In International Falls
Actress: Weinstein Offered Role To Me In Exchange To Do Threesome
Utah Teen Charged With Murder Of Four Family Members

10 Years Later More Elicit Hillary Emails Emerge

Rand Paul: Bidens Corrupt As Day Is Long
Illegal Alien From Canada Was Planning Gun Attack At VA Rally On January 20
Illegal Alien Convicted Of Sexual Assault On 92-Year Old Woman
Bill De Blasio Defends Freeing Illegal Alien
Kamala Harris Laughs, Then Says Impeachment "Solemn" Moment in Front Of Camera

Kerry: NO Whiff Of Scandal During Obama Years

Democrats, Especially Bidens, Nervous As Book On Corruption To Be Released In Ten Days

FISA Court Hires Obama-Era Justice Official To Review FBI Reforms

Huber Tanks Investigation Into Clinton Foundation
Huber Winds Down Clinton Foundation Investigation With NO Witnesses, No Charges

DOJ Refuses To Charge Saudi Classmates With Pensacola Terrorist Hit That Killed 3

FX Delays Clinton Impeachment Series Until After 2020 Election Claims Scheduling Crisis
Veteran Hit By Car In Florida, Crime Under Investigation
92 Year Old Woman Sexually Assaulted By Illegal Alien Who Authorities Refused To Turn Over To ICE
Iranian Nationalist Arrested Near Trump Home In Florida Brought To USA In Obama Refugee Program
Man Convicted Of 136 Rapes Part Of Those Nabbed In Indonesia Raids In UK

CNN Admits In Nick Sandman Lawsuit It Cannot Prove Anyone Is A Racist; Settles Case With Northern Kentucky Teen Who Sued For Libel

At Least Six Stabbed During Hanukkah Event In NY
Synagogue Terrorist Had Previous Police Record

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Updated: 02/17/2020 11:50:00 AM

Travesty Of Justice!!

Dems Demand DOJ Investigate Reduction

Of Roger Stone's Sentence

National Review Troll: Roger Stone Should Die In Prison

President Trump: Stone Sentencing And Conviction A "Miscarriage Of Justice"

Mueller Team Slapped Down For Seeking Harsh Sentence Against Roger Stone

Mueller Prosecutor Lies To DOJ About Stone Sentencing, Then Resigns

DOJ: Stone Sentencing Guideline Way Too "Excessive"

Federal Judge Indefinitely Postpones Michael Flynn Sentencing

Twitter Takes Away All Of Flynn's Wife's Followers After Tweet Of Support

Officials Who Spied On Trump Through FISA Courts Named To "Fix Process" In Another Travesty Of Justice


Trump Jr. Trolls "Justice For Juicy"

Hate Hoaxer Jessie Smollett Indicted By

Chicago Special Prosecutor

Smollett Still Facing $550G Civil Lawsuit Related To "Fake" Attack


Larry Johnson: FBI Lied To Federal Court About Seth Rich

FBI Emails On Seth Rich Emerge: Wray Caught In Another Lie


Special Report: How The Scariest Attack on U.S.

May Come Through Internet


Five Deadliest U.S. Cities In America


Paul Krugman Tweets Phishy Story About Hackers Using

His IP Address Over Child Porn


17 FISA Errors Submitted 4 Times - Flub or Felony?


Nearly 19,000 Children In England Labeled

As Sex Abuse Victims Due To Exploitation


Chicago Public Schools Fielded 458 Cases Of

Sexual Misconduct Allegations In 2019


Adam Schiff Associate Arrested On Pedophilia Charges


Convicted Pedophile Used In Mueller Investigation Indicted For Illegally Funneling Thousands Into Clinton Campaign

Epstein's Private Banker "Suicided" Before FBI Could Question Him

George Nader Indicted On Child Pedophile Charges


Nunes Sues CNN For Libel Over Vienna Story That Was False


New Connections Emerge Between Epstein And Clinton



Trump: IG Report To Reveal Biggest Scandal In U.S. History "Will Be Historic"

Biden: Graham Will Regret Investigating Me The Rest Of His Life

FBI Interviews Boy Who Says Bill Clinton Raped Him On Yacht

Special Report From True Pundit On The Great Smoky Mountain Journal

Epstein Accuser Says She Once Took Bill Clinton's Seat On Jet


Nic Sondman's Libel Lawsuits Can Move Forward

Against WaPo, MSNBC, NBC According to Three Separate Judges


Ex-Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Indicted On Charges

Related To Children's Books


Feds Indict Prison Guards In Epstein Death


Former NBC Employee Arrested For Seeking Photos From 9 Year Old


President Trump: "Double Standard" Like NO Other As Dems

Walk Free on Roger Stone Conviction

Fox News Never Trumpers Laugh At Stone Verdict On Air

Roger Stone Found Guilty On All Counts Of

Process Crimes In Mueller Probe


Illegal Alien Charged With Four Murders Wont Get

Death Penalty Because of Low IQ





Trafficking Expert: Pimps, Johns Walk Free While Trafficking

Victims Usually Charged With Crimes



Witchcraft Altars, Rocket Launches Found In Mexico City Cartel Drug Lab


Police Find Missing Woman's Body Buried In Concrete,

Two Suspects Arrested

Mexico Terminator Scenes Were Filmed In Spain Due To Cartel Fears


Glenn Simpson: I Was Hired To Investigate Trump In Fall 2015; Memos Made Way Directly To Obama

Project Veritas Slams CNN In Undercover Sting Showing Zucker's Personal Animosity Towards President Trump  

Epstein's Handler Maxwell, Lane Believed To Be In Brazil


Report: FBI Conducted 3.1 Million Illegal Searches On

Citizens From 2017-2018


14-Year Old Had Hit List That Included

Students, President Trump


Clinton Whistleblower: FEDS Investigating Adam Schiff's Behavior

At Felon And Dem Donor Ed Buck's Meth House

Ukraine Donated The MOST Cash To Clinton Foundation

Than Any Other Nation

Ukraine's Top Prosecutor Looking Into Biden-Linked Burisma Case, Corruption

Schiff Gets Four Pinocchio's From Washington Post For Statements Regarding Whistleblower Complaint

Burchett Looking For Full Transcript Of Volker, Atkinson Testimonies  

Rudy Considering Suing Dems For Rogue Impeachment Proceedings

Group Aiding Lawyers For Whistleblower From Far Left Leaning Dem Groups

Dems "Fantasizing" About Pelosi Becoming President Amid Impeachment Furor

Linda Tripp: Impeachment Madness Lessens Whistleblower Meaning

President Trump Sending Pelosi Letter Demanding An Impeachment Vote

Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett: Dems Efforts On Impeachment A "Three Ring Circus"

Volker: At No Time Did I Take Part In Effort To Probe Biden

Pelosi: "Worried About Health Of Whistleblower"

House Oversight Committee Fights Elijah Cummings Efforts To Get Officials To Testify

Trump: Campaign Has Raised More Money In Three Days Than Most Dems Raised In Quarter

Pelosi's Daughter, Nephew Help Joe Biden Fundraise Despite Impeachment Questions

61 House Republicans Move To Condemn Schiff

Nolte: Media In Def Con 1 As Ukraine Hoax Unravels

Scaramucci: Trump A "Traitor" To The United States of America

Flashback: Hillary Asked China To Get Trump Tax Returns

House Dems Demand Pence Turn Over Ukraine Documents

Joe Biden: Hunter Will Join Me On Campaign Trail At Some Point

Trump Supporters Chant In Sc During House Speaker Visit: "Impeach Pelosi"

Warren: "Enough" Evidence To Convict Trump in Senate

AOC: Trump In "Targeted Anti-Semitism" Against Adam Schiff

Hollywood Getting On Impeach Trump Impeachment Furor

Joe Biden Explodes At Reporter Who Asks Him About Son's Involvement in Ukraine

NPR Regrets Interview With Republican Rep, Distorts Facts, Lies In Commentary At End

Pompeo: We Will Not Bow To Dem Intimidation

Dingell: Pelosi Putting Pressure On Anti-Impeachment Voices

Trump Brandishes 2016 Map: Impeach This

Waters: Trump Deserves Solitary Confinement

Media Covering For Hunter Biden, Father Joe


Domestic ISIS Arrests On Rise In U.S.A.


Leftists On Colleges Want To Ban MAGA Hats



NBC Found To Ignore Sexual Misconduct Issues,

Rape Of Its Stars For Years

NBC - The Good Old Boys Club

NBC Knew About Lauer's Behaviour Long Before 2017 Firing According To Reports

Ex Wife Of Lauer Responds To New Rape Allegations

NBC President Mocked Meeting Rape Claim Victim

CNN Boss Distancing Himself From "Close" Friend Matt Lauer


Illegal Alien Accused Of Rape Released By

Oklahoma Sanctuary County


Wray's FBI Continues To Cover For Comey Cartel

FBI Braces For Durham's First Drop: "No One Is Safe"  

Obama, Hillary's Immunity Agreements Leaked To Gateway Pundit

Overstock CEO Says FBI Instructed Tech Exec To Trade Sex For Intel

President Trump: Al Sharpton A "Con Man" Who Hates Whites And Cops


Report: U.S. Attorney Recommends

Charges Against

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Top FBI Agents Take Aim At Christopher Wray

Carter Page FISA Warrants Illegally Obtained According To Coming IG Report

Feds: Epstein Did No Die In Prison Cell

Michael Flynn Exonerated During Hearing On DOJ Memo


Feilicty Huffman's 14-Day Sentence Sparks

Outrage Among Justice Officials


American Airlines Mechanic Accused of Sabotaging

Aircraft Came to U.S. From Iraq



Head Of Disney Music Group Charged With Child Abuse


Four Report Of Assaults Incited By CNN Journalists In Past Six Weeks


Woman Stabbed To Death in Random Attack In D.C. By "Refugee"

Aryan Brotherhood Gang Sentenced In Meth, Drug Trafficking Case


Feds Bust Drug Ring That Could Have Killed 14 Million In Fentanyl Roundup


Federal Prosecutors Considering Charges Against

Andrew McCabe of The FBI


The Latest On Jeffrey Epstein



Woody Allen, Paltrow, Couric, Handler, Stephanopoulos Busted Partying At Epstein Mansion Before He Dies

Victim's Lawyer: Epstein Was Murdered According To Prison Source

Bill Gates Fly On Epstein's Lolita Express After Pedophiles Prison Stint

Agency Was Spotted Scouting Fresh Flesh In Brazil Before Epstein Arrest


Accuser Says She Massaged "Simpson's" Creator's Feet

In Epstein's Private Jet



Bella Thorne: I Was Molested My Whole Life

Modeling Agency Provided Jeffrey Epstein Over 1000 Underage Girls

Ghislaine Maxwell Now Under FBI Scrutiny

Early Epstein Accuser: Could Have Been Stopped In 1997

Epstein Was Given Three French 12-Year Olds As Birthday Present

Epstein Prison Guards Not Cooperating With DOJ Probe According To Report


16th Police Officer Slain In Mexican Border State Violence In 2019



President Trump Surges With Black Voters After Pointing Out Baltimore Corruption  

Chicago Weekend Of Violence: 7 Dead, 59 Wounded


President Trump Calls For Red Flag Laws After Texas, Ohio Shootings Over Weekend

That Kill 22 In El Paso, 9 In Dayton

President Trump Addresses Nation About the Shootings

Deep State FBI Helped Hillary Bleach Bit,

Destroy Hard Drive With Hammer


Biden Pushes Straight Gun Confiscation Program

President Trump Rips Barrack Obama Over Tweets In Response

To Weekend Mass Shootings

59 Mass Shootings Under Obama With Three Or More Fatalities, 45 With 4 Or More

President Condemns "White Supremacists" In Speech Following Shootings


Federal Government To Resume Federal Death Penalty For First Time Since 2003  



Jeffrey Epstein and Dianne Feinstein's Husband Were Co-Investors

Epstein Found Injured In Fetal Position In Jail Cell


16 U.S. Marines Arrested Near U.S. Border On

Smuggling, Other Drug Charges


FBI Raid Uncovers Arizona Body Donation Center Body Parts


Judge Orders Special Prosecutor To Investigate Jessie Smollett Probe


Share Ride Mistake Leads To Death Of South Carolina

Student Found Dead In Open Field


Officer Accused Of Filming Himself Having Sex With Animal


President Trump's Former Attorney Michael Cohen Sentenced To Three Years In Prison  


LA Archdiocese Releases List Of Priests Accused

In Sexual Abuse Scandals

29 Priests and Deacons Accused Of Child Sex Abuse in Mobile, Alabama

Bishop To Release Names Of Pervert Priests


Former MLB General Manager Kevin Malone Makes It His Life's

Goal To Combat Human Trafficking


Trumps Border Rules Meant To Center In On Curbing Child Trafficking

U.S. Bishops: Trump's Proclamation Against Caravan "Illegal"


Jeff Sessions Out As AG, Whittaker At Large For Now


Senate Judiciary Committee Report Says Man Comes Forward Saying HE, Not Kavanaugh

Was The One Involved In Christine Balsley Ford's Accusations

Kavanaugh Rape Accuser Admits She Made Up Story


Feds: Heroin, Fentanyl Remain Biggest Drug Threats To U.S.

FEDS Ok Powerful Opioid Alternative Pill


Boston Mobster Whitey Bulger Murdered In Prison As He Was About To Out FBI Agents




Suspect Due in Court Monday As Harrowing Tales

Emerge From Violent Deadly Shooting In Pittsburgh

Brothers, Husbands, Couples Among Dead In Pittsburgh Synagogue Anti-Semitic Attack  

Knoxville Jewish Alliance Holds Vigil

Local Synagogue Working To Keep Grounds Safe


Statue Of Liberty Celebrates 132 Years Of Existence


Cesar Sayoc Arrested In Bomb Scare

That Covers Four States 

President Trump Decries Media's Bias Unfairness And

Rhetoric Following Bomb Arrest At Charlotte, NC Rally

Cesar Sayoc Had Long History of Violence, Threats And Criminal Behavior 

Twitter Ignored Threat By Bomb Suspect To Baltimore Mayor's Assistant


Police Officer Accused Of Sex Crimes Against Trafficking Victims