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Fox Business Anchor: Trump Should Pursue Gun Control Legislation  
Castro's "Hit List" On Trump Supporters, Donors Backfires - Trump Raises $1M In 2 Days After List Revealed
Nadler: This Is A Formal Impeachment Hearing  
Pelosi Meets With Soros Activists In Guatemala During Visits  
Dan Crenshaw Explains His Support For Red Flag Laws  
U.S. Ambassador To Russia Jon Huntsman Resigns To Run For Utah Governor  
Unearthed 1971 Tape Shows Reagan Making Racist Remarks To Richard Nixon
Muslims React To Remarks About Detroit Being Islamic Hot Bed
Top DCC Staffers Quit Over Racial Diversity Concerns
Trump: Biden Will Allow China To "Rip" America Off
Omar Faces Challenge From Iraq War Vet Chris Kelley In 2020  

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Omar, Tlaib Tweet Out Anti-Semitic Cartoon


Warren Tries To Buy Native American Vote With

1/1024th Apology For "Mistakes"

...Deletes DNA Test From Campaign Website

Warren Crowd 6,000 Most Not 12K As Campaign Claimed At Latest Rally

College Students Prefer Socialist Bernie Sanders Over All Other Candidates

Virginia Dem Mocks Hispanic Trump Supporter

Feinstein Falsely Claims Assault Weapons Ban Lowered Crime

AOC Demeans Middle America, Slams Electoral College

CNN: Harris Drops 12% In Latest Poll After Second Debate

Politico Denies Joe's Brain In Decline; Scarborough Praises Biden As "Reaganesque"


Dems Fundraise - In Mexico

Poll: Trump Leads ALL Dem Candidates For 2020

200 Migrants Caught At New Mexico Border

15 Migrants Apprehended With Fake IDS Near Border


Democrat Fundraiser Mimics Trump Assassination  


Anthony Scaramucci Recruiting Former Trump Cabinet

Members To Denounce President According To Reports

White House: Mooch Profiting Off Mockery of President  


Strange Jeep Followed ICIG Investigators Looking Into Clinton Emails

As House Broken Into, Computers Stolen

Grassley Letter Sheds More Light on Clinton Email Scandal And Server Provider Granted Immunity By Crooked FBI

  The Unraveling Of The Attempted Coup To Take Out Trump


Eight Things To Know About Biden's Corrupt Family


FBI Memo: Obama Administration Was In Contact With Fusion GPS


Death Camps For Trump Supporters' Fliers Seen in New York City


Peter Stryok Announces Wrong Termination Law Suit Against FBI

Another Scandal Rocks FBI As Reports Surface That Agents Were Having Sex With CNN Reporters

As Bosses Comey, Wray Did Nothing During 2016 Campaign

Wray Welcomes Strzok Back To FBI


Joaquin Castro Faces Backlash For Outing Trump Donor Information

Trying To Shame Trump Supporters

Trump Raising Flags on August 8 A Sign To Nazi Supporters According to A NBC Host

In Bid To Shame Trump Castro Reveals and Shames His Own Donors

Same Dem Lawmakers Wanting To Dox You Want To Take Away Your Guns  - Nolte Opinion

Tlaib Defends Castro's Actions Against Trump Donors, Supporters

USC Lecturer: Diversity And Diverse Views Are Racism

The Squad Demands Pelosi Reconvene House To Address White Supremacy

Scarborough Defends Castro's Actions On Doxing Trump Supporters


Deep State FBI Helped Hillary Bleach Bit,

Destroy Hard Drive With Hammer


Wray's FBI Continues To Cover For Comey Cartel

FBI Braces For Durham's First Drop: "No One Is Safe"  

Obama, Hillary's Immunity Agreements Leaked To Gateway Pundit

Overstock CEO Says FBI Instructed Tech Exec To Trade Sex For Intel

President Trump: Al Sharpton A "Con Man" Who Hates Whites And Cops


Democrats Set For Part Two Of July Debates Tonight Of In Detroit,

Democrat Run City Among Top Ten Rattiest Cities In America


Witches Applaud Dem During Opening

Act in Detroit

Marianne Williamson, "Guru" Wins Spotlight At Tuesday

Night Dem Debate In Detroit

Witches Supporting Williamson Launch "Occult" Task Force

Dem Debate: No Guns, Racism, Free Stuff And Trump's A Racist

Williamson Hit Obama In 2016 For Not Attacking Syria

Gay Mayor Pete Buttigieg Quotes Bible Shaming Christians On Minimum Wage

Self Help Guru Dominates Breitbart Poll, Offers Free College To "Stimulate The Economy"


Dems Penning Impeachment Hopes on Mueller Testimony

Comey Praises Mueller Ahead of Testimony As "American Patriot With Principles"

Giuliani: Muller Has No Business Before Congress On A Case He Didn't Bring

Deep State Spy Stephen Halper Paid Over $1.5 M To Spy on Trump, Spying Work Went Well Into 2017

Mueller Set To Testify July 24 Before House Intel and Judiciary Committees


Borat Director: Arm Ourselves Against MAGA People: This IS War

Buttineg: White Supremacy Threatens U.S. And Its Existence


Rep. Peter King: Serious Abuses Regarding FBI, CIA About To Come Out


Kamala Harris Blasts, Then Takes Money From Epstein Law Firm  


Cortez Gets 2020 Republican Challenger For Her Seat In New York


Democrats Go Hard Left In First Debate: Elizabeth Warren Promises

To Eradicate Health Insurance For 150 Million With Government Take Over Of Plans

Health Care Costs of Illegals Could Costs $660B Per Decade  Says Report

Five Out Of Nine Americans Oppose Insurance For Illegal Aliens

Top Fundraiser Abandons Biden Over Support For Segregationist

Medicare For All, Climate Change, Abortion, Gun Control All Heard During Second Night Of Dem Debates

NBC's Chuck Todd Speaks More Words Than 7 Out Of 10 Democrat Candidates on Stage  

NBC News Refuses To Confront Warren On False Native American Claims


Obama Accepted $21.6 Million In Foreign Donations In 2012 According To New DOJ Report

Report: Under Obama America Became Number 1 Spot For Pedophilia


Carter Shames Himself: Trump Administration Tortures and Abuses Children At Border  

Claims President Trump An "Illegitimate President" Due To Russian Meddling


President Trump Raises $24.2 Million On First Day

Of Presidential Kick Off Rally For 2020


Joe Biden's Son's Personal And Business Issues Threatening

To Derail Former VP's Candidacy

Nolte: Media Buried Biden Past Support Of Segregationists To Protect Obama

Biden Praised Segregationist As Man Of "Courage" And "Courageous"


Robert Davi Rips Those Calling Jon Voight 'John Wilkes Booth'

After Voight Calls President Trump Best President Since Lincoln  


Fifty Years Of Flip Flops Of Joe Biden


Biden: No Evidence I Assisted Son In Ukraine Probe

Migrants Hiring Coyotes "Just Like My Irish Ancestors"

Pundit: FBI Needs To Be Looking Into Biden's Ties To China

Biden: NAFTA Was Good Decision When I Made It - "It Seemed Like Right Thing To Do"

Ukrainian Embassy Confirms DNC Contractor Sought Dirt on Trump,

Biden Had Prosecutor Fired Who Looked Into Hunter Biden's Illegal Ukraine Investments


DHS Released 7000 Illegal Aliens In One Day,

109,000 Apprehensions Since April

White House Lays Out Immigration Plan During White House Meeting

Twelve Million American Workers Out Of Work Force As DHS Approves 30K More Foreign Workers


Openly Gay Rep. Brian Sims Harasses Pro-Life Teens, Elderly Ladies

 At Planned Parenthood Clinic In Philly


New York Times Leaves Out Stock Market Crash In

Trump Hit Piece Regarding Tax Losses


Donald Trump Jr. Rebuffs Republican Led Senate Judiciary Committee's Subpoena


President Trump Trolls Media In Energized Rally In

Panama City Beach, Florida Wednesday Night

(Photo: Christopher McDonald, Publisher)

House Judiciary Committee Holds AG Barr In Contempt Of Congress

Nadler In 1998 A Lot Different Tone Than That In 2019 Regarding Grand Jury Testimony

DOJ: No One Will Force The DOJ To Break The Law

Chavetz: Where Were Dems On Fast And Furious During Holder Contempt Citation?

President Trump Asserts Executive Privilege on Full Mueller Report 

Kamala Harris Ignores Questions

About Child Trafficking To Take Selfies


President Trump: Ukraine Allegations Against Clinton

"Big And Incredible" And Will Be Investigated

Obama Administration Reached Out To Ukraine To Give Russia Hoax A Boost


Bernie Sanders Leading In Early Democratic Primary States

Sanders: Abortion Ok Up Until Birth

Moore: Time For Privileged Dems To Give Up Power To Socialist Wing Of Party

Obama: Trump "Divorced" Dad Making America Sick  


Sickening Cheers As New Dem Candidate Pete Buttigieg

Kisses Husband At 2020 Kickoff Campaign Event


Brazille Defends Obama's Handling Of Russia Meddling In 2016 Campaign


President Trump Praises George P. Bush:

"This Is The Only Bush That Likes Me"

President Trump's Approval Rating Hits 53%


FEC Files Complaint Against Cortez Campaign Saying

They Are Running  Subsidy Scheme










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