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President Trump: Stone Sentencing And Conviction A "Miscarriage Of Justice"

Mueller Team Slapped Down For Seeking Harsh Sentence Against Roger Stone
Mueller Prosecutor Lies To DOJ About Stone Sentencing, Then Resigns
DOJ: Stone Sentencing Guideline Way Too "Excessive"
Federal Judge Indefinitely Postpones Michael Flynn Sentencing
Twitter Takes Away All Of Flynn's Wife's Followers After Tweet Of Support
Chuck Todd Under Fire For Comparing Bernie Sanders Supporters To Nazis
Romney Facing Deep Scorn Over Impeachment Vote
Bernie Supporters Express Their Disgust For Biden in New Hampshire
President Trump Honors Troops At Dover, Cutting Short His Campaign Rally To Do So
Trump Hater Frank Luntz Pushes False Lies About Obama Job Numbers Compared To Trump Job Numbers  
Pentagon Reveals New Plans For New Air Force One
With Impeachment Behind Him, President Trump Pushes Through Hundred Plus More Judicial Nominations n
Eric Trump Slams Brad Pitt's Speech At Oscars
Schumer Demands Investigation As Trump Cleans House Of Whistleblowers In White House
Author Who Penned NYT Resistance Op-Ed Found And Soon To Be Fired

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Ilhan Omar's Bills Reveal Globalist Hit

Against Trump's Policies


President Trump: Bob Mueller LIED To Congress

In Testimony And In Documents

Ratcliffe Gets Wray To Admit FBI Illegally Spied On President Trump During 2016 Campaign

Some 40 FBI Agents Were Involved In Trying to Take Down President For Past Three Years

President Trump On Roger Stone Sentence: It Was An Insult To Our Country

Rogue Prosecutors in DOJ Gone After Seeking Unfair

President Trump Says AG Barr Did Right Thing Taking Charge Of

Rogue Prosecutors In Roger Stone Case

House Republicans Boycott Intel Committee Hearing On FISA Abuse

Obama Planted Moles In White House To Torpedo New President

70 Obama Era Holdovers To Be Purged From NSC

Trump Discussing Firing Corrupt Michael Atkinson

"Resistance" Official Who Wrote NYT Hit Piece On Trump To Be Fired This Week

Disgraceful CNN Has Andy McCabe On To Discuss DOJ Efforts To Lessen Stone Sentence

Pelosi: Trump Is Engaging In Political Interference Over Stone Sentencing

Fox Business's Bartiolomono: Biggest Scandal In History Is Playing Out Before Us Now

Clinton: Trump A Fascist And Threat To Our Democracy


Feds Lock Down Case Against Clinton Foundation That May Turn Out To Be Biggest

Public Theft In U.S. History

AG Barr Announces Tough Action Against Sanctuary Cities, Towns, States

Secretary of State Pompeo: List Of Sell Out Governors And China Has List


Giuliani: I Found Smoking Gun On Joe Biden

Biden, Kerry, Romney's, Pelosi All Have Ties To Ukraine

Biden To Woman Voter: You're A Lying "Lying Dog-Faced Pony Rider"



President Trump Doubles Former President Obama's New Hampshire

Totals In Votes As Base Is Fired Up For 2020!

Bernie, Pete, Amy Come Up Big In New Hampshire For Dems

Graham: New Hampshire Sign Of Dems Party Demise

Bloomberg Ripped By Black Democrats For Stop And Frisk Policies

Sununu: Biden Gone After South Carolina

Former TV Anchor To Challenge AOC In Dem Primary

President Trump Rallies In New Hampshire, Slams Dems, "Mumbling Nancy"

35 Degree Weather, Rain, Yet Lines Forming Two Days Out To Hear President

Gallup: Majority Of Americans Would Not Vote For Socialist President

Trump Budget To Cut Trillions, Boost Defense Spending, Cutting International Aid

President Trump's Approval Rating At 49% In Gallup

Joe Biden Leaves New Hampshire Before Primary Vote

Schweitzer: Sanders Has Masterminded Campaign Of Corruption With Deals 


President Trump Withdraws Deep Stater

Liu Nomination For U.S. Treasury Department Position


Bernie Sanders Edges Buttigieg

In New Hampshire


President Acquitted In Senate Of Abuse Of Power,

Obstruction Of Justice

President Trump's Approval Rate Hits 42% Among Blacks!

President Thanks "Incredible Warriors" Who Helped Him Through Impeachment

President Trump Delivers Remarks Following Acquittal

NSC Fires Vidman After Senate Acquits President Trump Of Impeachment

Gordon Sondland Fired Late Wednesday After Vidman Firing

Romney Faces Party Scorn Impeachment

Limbaugh Reacts For First Time On Radio To Receiving Freedom of Honor Medal

White House Considering Removing Vidman

 James Woods Back From Twitter Jail, Rips Romney, Clinton

Mitt Romney Vote Backfires On Utah

Carter Page: Whistleblower Tied To Russian Hoax As Well

Susan Collins Says She Will Vote To Acquit, Slams President Trump Was Wrong On Phone Call

Mini Mike Bloomberg Uses "Obama Era" Kids In Cages To Trash Trump in Super Bowl Ad

Schiff Says Trump Will Give Alaska To Russia If Re-Elected

Rand Paul Drops Moab On Senate Calling Whistleblower's Name On Senate Floor

Top Officials At Wisconsin DNC Sued For Hostile Work Environment

Schiff Repeatedly Slanders President As Roberts, GOP Sits On Hands, Stays Silent

Virginia Senate Blocks Another Gun Grab Bill By Democrats


GOP: We Will Expunge Trump's Impeachment

Record If We Win Back House


Bernie Wins In Votes In Iowa,

Pete Slight Win In Delegates

Iowa Fiasco Will Continue In New Hampshire

DNC Call For Recount In Iowa Feels Like Race Was Rigged By Bernie Sanders

Buttigieg Pulls Within One Of Bernie In New Hampshire

President Trump Wins Iowa Caucus 97% to 3%

Breaking From Iowa: Buttigieg 27%, Bernie 25%, Biden Last

Bernie Leads Popular Vote, Pete Leads Delegates

Tulsi: Dems Rigging Election For "Billionaire" Candidates

Iowa Caucus Voter Wants Vote After Finding Out Buttigieg Is Gay 

Dems Worried About Voter Enthusiasm

Biden Has "Real Concern" About Process In Iowa

Tech Firm That Ran Clinton's 2016 Campaign Tied To Iowa Caucus Debacle

 DJT Jr.: Dems Can't Run A Caucus, They Sure Can't Run A Government

Democrats Blame Racist Iowans As Hillary's App Crashes on Caucus Night

Shadow App Founder Is A Buttigieg Supporter; Pete Now Ahead Of Bernie, How About That

Joe Biden Heckled In New Hampshire For Groping Kids, Women

GOP Idiot Joe Walsh Booed Off The Floor Trashing Trump At Iowa Caucus


Biden Helped Launch Business For Son-In Law From Oval Office

Repeatedly Briefed Investors Privately


Appeals Court Throws Out Democrats Emoluments

Lawsuit Against President Trump

Limbaugh Returns After Lung Cancer Announcement


Clinton "Intimidated" By Tulsi Gabbard's

Lawsuit Against Her, Refuses Service



Schumer Implodes After Vote, Calls Senate Trial" Sham"

Whistleblower's Identity Still Not Officially Known Yet In Sham Senate Trial

McConnell Blasts Dems After Vote, Says Trial Will Last Till Wednesday

Top Dems Humiliated On Senate Floor

Dems: Without Witnesses, Acquittal Worthless - Sore Losers

Brennan Blasts Lamar Alexander For Voting With Republicans

Schumer Rebukes Harris For Mocking Impeachment

Streisand: Schiff For President

House Dems Ask Senate For One More Week

Senators Ask Questions: Schiff: "I Don't Know Whistleblower"

John Bolton Praised Ukraine Call in August 2019 With Trump

Judge Roberts Blocks Rand Paul's Question On Origins of Impeachment In The House To Schiff

 2015 Photo Emerges Of Whistle Blower Eric Ciaramella In Meeting With Biden Advisor, Ukrainian Official

Roberts Allows Statement From Dem Saying They Will "Take Out Trump"

Graham: We Have 51 Votes To Force Bidens To Testify: Hunter Biden And Dad Used Ukraine As An ATM Machine

White Concludes Defense Airing Dems Attacking Impeachment In 1998

Trump: If I'd Listened To John Bolton We'd Been in World War Six By Now

Dershowitz Blasts Scholars Like Lawrence Tribe Whose Partisan Views On Impeachment Contradict Constitution

Democrat Special Guest Les Parnas Escorted From Senate Gallery: Ankle Bracelets Not Allowed

GOP Now Believes They Have Enough Votes To Block Witnesses

Republican Senators Slam Bolton "Book Leak"

Rand Paul: Trump's Children Should Sue Schumer For Defamation

Trump Doesn't Invite Dems To USMCA Signing Agreement

Romney, Collins: Bolton Book Leads Lends Credence To Impeachment Trial Needing More Witnesses

Rep. Stefanik to Liberal Hack Reporter: Get Your Facts Straight

Sekulow: You Can't Impeach On Unsourced Allegation

Hawley: Bolton For Biden On Witness Stand

Trump Lawyer Likens Schiff To Mob Gangster

Pam Bondi Drops Moab Bombs on Dems Impeachment Story During Defense Of President Trump

Harvard Professor Dershowitz Destroys Dems Over Hopes Bolton Book Will Damage President Trump

President Trump Blasts Fox News For Impeachment Coverage

Schiff Goes After Gateway Pundit After They Tie Him To Ukrainian Arms Dealers

Fred Fleitz: Bolton Should Withdraw Book

Dems Want To Keep Whistleblower Anonymous Until After Impeachment

Hemingway: Schiff Has Lied Repeatedly, Needs To Be Held Accountable

McConnell: Senate Does Not Have Votes To Block Witnesses

Lemon, CNN Panel: Trump Supporters Red Necks Who Can't Read

Feinstein Retracts Statement She Was Leaning To Acquittal of Trump In Impeachment Sham

Hawley: We Need Hunter Biden And Whistleblower On Stand

Fox News Plays Interview With Ex Senator Barbara Boxer Instead Of Airing Defense Of Trump

Sessions: Bolton Was Not Elected To Be President

President Trump Posts Record Number Of Tweet In One Day During Impeachment Sham

Dem Crow Blames Trump For Ukraine Deaths

Adam Schiff Refers To Russia Over 30 Times In Opening Statement In Senate Trial

Trump Lead Impeachment Lawyer Tells Nadler "You're Not In Charge Here"  

Adam Schiff Gives Marathon Impeachment Speech Full Of Lies, Half Truths, False Accusations Against President

CNN Hack Tweets Out Fake Conversation He Claimed He Heard GOP Senators Having Saying

They Are Nervous About Hearing; Later Admits He Made It All Up

Schiff Makes Up Another False Conversation He Says Took Place Between Trump And Zelensky

GOP Senators Unifying As Dems Partisan Attack On Senate Floor Against President Draws Them Together

Schiff Blocks Reporters From Questioning Nadler After His Meltdown on Senate Floor

Schiff Uses Another Fake Russia Conspiracy Theory Against Trump On Senate Floor

Whistleblower Eric Ciarmella Overheard In 2017 Discussing With Sean Misko How To Remove President Trump From Office

Stefanik: Dems Case Is Unconstitutional and Full of Flat Out Lies

Digenova: Dems Using Nazi "Big Lie" Techniques In Senate Trial

Nadler Goes Nuts On Senate Floor Accusing Republicans Of Treachery Because They Won't Honor Schumer's Demands

Chief Justice Roberts Admonishes Both Sides In Impeachment Hearing After Nadler Rant

President Trump: I'd Like To Sit On Front Row Of This Impeachment Scam By Democrat Sleazebags



Exclusive From True Pundit: Feds Leak Details Of Players In Massive Clinton Global Heist: Bidens Implicated In Organized Crime At The Highest Level



"Broke" Hunter Biden Arrives In Court In Porsche To Settle Child Support Case With Stripper; Tells Court Payments Are Hardship,

Refuses To Give Details On Burisma Salary

Deadbeat Dad Hunter Biden Renting 12K Monthly Home But Refusing To Pay Child Support On Stripper's Baby He's Father To


CNN Segment Mocks Trump Supporters As Illegitimate "Rubes," "Rednecks Who Can't Read Or Spell"

Ivanka: CNN'S Mockery "Disgusting"

Fox News Cuts Away From President Trump's Defense

While It Aired The Entirety Of Prosecution Against Him


Tulsi Gabbard Sues Hillary Clinton For Defamation

Over Russia Accusations Concerning Dem 2020 Presidential Hopeful


The Davos Convention

President Trump Takes Swipe At Teen Climate Sensation Greta Thornberg

Trump: EU More Difficult To Do Business With Than China On Trade

Russian Spies Caught Installing Surveillance Equipment Posing As Plumbers


True Pundit Exclusive: AG Barr Covering For Clinton Foundation Crimes

In Scandal That Is Going To Rock DC


Meadows, Jordan Send Letter To Judge Regarding

New FISA Court Overseer Who Was Guest On Maddow

Part Of Obama Administration

GAO Found Obama Broke Laws In 2014, But No Calls For Impeachment Then

Kerry: Trump Lying Saying Iran Got $150B


FBI Hiding Dirty Cop Joe Pientka

Who Framed Gen. Michael Flynn


Pelosi To Transmit Articles Of Impeachment

To Senate Next Week

McConnell: Impeachment Articles Will Be Kicked Out In 25 Days If Not Sent

New York Dems Move To Register Illegal Aliens, Non-Citizens To Vote

Oped: Pelosi Impeachment Strategy Sacrificed Dems In Districts

Jayapal: McConnell Not Caving Into Our Demands In Senate


Marianne Williamson Drops Out Of 2020 Presidential Special


Horowitz: I Did Not Say There Was Not Bias In FBI FISA Abuse Scandal


Graham Vows Investigation Into Bidens And Ukraine

Counter Protests Erupt Across Nation: Investigate Joe Biden

Giuliani Blasts Out Info He Collected In Ukraine


House Passes Articles Of Impeachment

Against President Trump

More Than 600 Pro Impeachment Protests

To Take Place Across America

President Urges Americans To "Say A Prayer"

Clinton: 2020 Election Will Be "Closer" Than One Would Like

Catherine Croft - The Lost Witness In The Schiff Basement Impeachment Sham

Timeline For Impeaching Trump Began In 2017

House Debates Impeachment Of President Trump

Pelosi Wears All Black On Impeachment Day "Somber Day"

Carly Fiorina: Vital For Trump To Be Impeached

President Trump Sends Blistering Letter To Pelosi On Eve Of Impeachment

Trump Approval Up 6 Points Since Impeachment Inquiry

Pro-Life Leader: This Is About Roe V. Wade 

McConnell On Impeachment: It Shouldn't Take Long

Mainstream Media's Term For Impeachment: "Historic"

Dems Trying To Overturn 2020 Election Before It Happens;

"Bribery" Added Because Talking Point Polled Well

Hillary: Impeachment Only Remedy Against Trump

CNN's Tapper Smears Republicans Ahead Of Vote: "Torrent Of Lies"

Judiciary Committee Accuses POTUS Of Bribery Even Though Charge Not In Actual Articles

Nunes To Schiff: You Have A Serious Problem And Needs Rehabilitation

House Dem Says No To Impeachment, Promises Others Will Follow Him Regarding This "Sham"

Top Dems Trying To Delegitimize 2020 Election One Year Before It Takes Place

Nadler MIA In DC Hours Before Impeachment Vote

Jeff Van Drew Blasted By Dems For Leaving Party, Staff Resigns

Dems Say Trump Committed Several Federal Crimes Worth Up To 20 Years In Prison

Freshman Dem Gets Booed When She Announces She'll Vote For Impeachment

Graham Vows To Make Impeachment Die In Senate

Deniro: Trump A "Nasty Little Bitch, Supporters Are Crazy"

Maxine Meltdown: Says Senate Is Not Place To Settle Impeachment

Schumer Issues List Of Demands For Impeachment Trial, Gets Whacked

Man Arrested Following Alleged Attack On Trump Supporters At Trump Hotel Over Weekend In DC


As Page Plays Victim, Trump Blasts Former FBI Lover Asking "Where Are The Scrubbed Texts?"


Gun Buyers On Brink Of Breaking Criminal Background Check Record


Nunes Sues CNN For Libel Over Vienna Story That Was False


Michael Bloomberg And Affiliate Groups

 Gave Planned Parenthood $13M In Donations


83-Year Old Iowa Man Draws Biden Fire At Event

When Questioning Hunter's Role In Ukraine

Tells Fellow Dem "Stick It Up Your A$#$"


34% Of Black Voters Approve Of President Trump's

Performance In White House


Three Women Accuse Gordon Sondland

Of Sexual Misconduct


White House Sues NYT Alleging Collusion With Schiff Who Leaked To Them Regularly To Enhance Impeachment Probe


Trump Meets With Clinton Impeachment Advisor Mark Penn

House Judiciary Committee Announces First Impeachment Hearing Next Week

Obama Warned He'd Always Fight Against Bernie Sanders

Obama To Dem: Biden Doesn't Have What It Takes To Win White House

Roger Stone Juror Outs Himself, Brags About Poisoning Jury Pool  

Moderate Dems May Nix Impeachment Push As House Heads Home For Thanksgiving

Eric Ciaramella Met With George Soros Funded Group In White House In September 2016

Zeldin: Schiff Does Believe Most Americans Are Idiots

MSNBC Host: Trump Supporters Like ISIS Members


Trump Rallies In Florida At "Welcome Home" Event In Sunrise


FBI Lawyer Who Edited FISA Docs Has Ties To ICIG Who

Edited Whistleblower Form To Legitimize Schiff Sham

Wife Of Mike Atkinson Who Altered Whistleblower Forms Had Times

To Fusion GPS Firm Which Produced Russia Hoax Dossier

BET's Bob Johnson: 2020 Is Trump's To Lose  

MD Gov. O'Malley Shames Himself With Attack On Ken Cuccinelli


Ukraine Was Already Investigating Bidens Before Trump Phone Call To Zelensky

Hillary: Trump Committed Impeachable Crimes

Democrats Throw Impeachment Party At Bar Following Thursday Hearing

Hill Worked With Fake Dossier Peddler Christopher Steele

31 Democrats At Stake If They Vote For Impeachment Sham Produced By Schiff

Nunes On Offense In Day 5 Against Hill, Holmes As Dems Continue Circus And Do So Without Conscience

Lindsey Graham Demands Full Transcripts Of Calls Between Bidens

And Former Ukrainian President Poroshenko

Sessions: I Support Barr's Efforts To Investigate Origins Of Russian Probe

Ratings For Impeachment Inquiry Embarrassingly Low For Networks

Hill: Obama Denied Weapons To Ukraine For Political Reasons

Support For Impeachment Falling Badly

Holmes: I Did Not Take Notes Of Trump Conversation With Sondland

Trump Campaign Releases Bull-Schiff T-Shirts To Mock Impeachment Inquiry

Hill Has Ties To Soros Groups, Christopher Steele, Other Left Wing Groups, Yet Claims She's a Non-Partisan

Hill Says She Got Steele Dossier Days Before It Was Published

David Holmes Misrepresents Facts During Impeachment Testimony

Schiff Connected To Both Russian and Ukraine Scams To Tune Of $74B

Sondland Key Witness In Day 4 Of Impeachment Sham

"The Gordon Problem" To Take Stand  

Nunes Rips "Conspiracy" Laced Kool-Aid Of Dems In Opening Statement

More On Eric Ciaramella The Trump CIA Spy Behind The Latest Deep State Attack On President Trump

Trump: Impeachment A Bogus Circus Act

Volker, Morrison Destroy Dem Narrative In Impeachment

MSNBC Lies About Vindman Testimony Claiming Vindman

Saw Bribery When In Fact He Said Nothing Close

Morrison: Nothing In Phone Call Was Illegal

White House Officials Sue Politico Over Schiff Leaks To Publication

Trump: Schiff's Circus Has Come To Town

Sondland's Testimony Already Under Question Before Hearing

White House Releases Transcript Of FIRST Call Between Trump And Ukrainian Ambassador

House Ethics Committee Says Tlaib Requested Funds From Own Campaign Breaking Federal Law


California Supreme Court Rules President Trump Does Not Have To

Release Tax Returns To Be On Ballot


Report: FBI Spent $42M on Informants In 2019-One Was Sex Offender


Obama Aides Allegedly Left Notes For Trump: "You Will Fail"


FBI Official Under Criminal Investigation For Altering Surveillance

Document Of Carter Page That Allowed Agency To Spy On Trump Campaign

List Of FBI/DOJ Officials Tied To Carter Page Spygate


Nikki Haley: Tillerson, Kelly Tried To Recruit Me To Undermine Trump


CNN Hosts Blame Klacik For Elijah Cummings Death


Emboldened Northam And Virginia Dems Seeking

Gun Confiscation Now As Dems Take Full Control


Schiff Stonewalls Again Refusing To Allow Whistleblower To Testify At Impeachment Hearing

President Trump: "I Caught The Swamp, I Caught Them All"

Trump Brushes Off Witch Hunt Impeachment Probe - "Pelosi, Biden Need To Be Called"

Schiffs Star Witness Has Ties To Soros, Dossier

Nunes Demands Schiff Be Placed Under Oath And Testify During Impeachment Inquiry

Whistleblower Lawyer Brags About Getting Clearances For Those With Porn Issues

Whistleblower Lawyer: Coup Against Trump Started Day He Took Office

Kennedy: "It Must Be Sick To Be That Dumb" - On Pelosi

Deniro: Trump Must Be Impeached Because He Has To Pay For Something He Did Wrong

(Deniro Won't Say What)  

Twitter Suspending Accounts Naming Whistleblower

Hill Has Ties To Chris Steele, Dossier, Deep State Soros Actors

Gorka to Graham: Stop Protecting McCain's Legacy

Corrupt Mueller Team Member In Charge Of Spying On Republicans

Bannon: Impeachment Inquiry Ugliest In U.S. History



Ukraine Ambassador Contacted Dem Staff Despite Testifying Under Oath She Didn't

Mulvaney Defies Dem Subpoena Over Impeachment Inquiry

Impeachment Insanity Continues Codename "Charlie" The So-Called Whistleblower

Report: House Dems Drafting Three Articles Of Impeachment Against President Trump

House Dems Release Transcript Of Top State Department Official

Report: Bloomberg Files Papers To Run For President - In New York

Whistleblower Attorney Wrote In 2017: "The Coup Has Started"

Whistleblowers Lawyers Cite Deep Throat Precedents To Keep Identity Secret

Schiff Restricts Republicans Questions To Impeachment Witnesses

Snopes: Dems Have Tried To Impeach Every Republican President Since Eisenhower

Rasmussen: Trump Approval Rating Hits 50 Percent Again Despite Impeachment Inquiry

Taylor Unaware U.S. Aid To Ukraine Was Ever Withheld

Feinstein Feigns Outrage Over Attempts To Identify Whistleblower

McCain To Don Jr: Does Your Family Hurting People Feel Good To You

Michelle Obama Seeks Rapinoe, Gomez To Get Out The Vote Drive

Eric Smallwell: Trump Traded Defense Dollars For Dirt

Facebook To Remove Any Mention of Whistleblower According To Report

News Media Worried About Whistleblower Safety But Not 638 Attacks On Trump Supporters In 2018

Same Day FBI Agent Removed From Case For Bias He Wrote 302 On Case He Was Accused Of Being Biased On

Bill Nelsen: If Warren Or Sanders Nominee We Lose Florida Again

Whistleblower Lawyer Sends Letter Of "Cease and Decease" To President Trump Over Attacks Of His Client

Anti Trump Ambassador Lied Under Oath

Anti-Trump Whistleblower Was Guest At Joe Biden's State Department Dinner In 2016


President Trump Receives Mainly Warm Welcome At

LSU-Alabama Showdown Game

LSU Holds Off Alabama 46-41

Trump Approval Rating Higher In PA, MI, Ohio Than In 2016

CIA Rogue Agents Urging Haspel To Protect Whistleblower Identity

You Tube Blocks Videos Naming Whistleblower

Alabama Dems Protest Trump's Visit To Game - Ten Show Up


Kentucky Elects First Ever Black Attorney General - A Republican

FBI: Two Twitter Employees Spied On Others For Saudi Arabia


Impeachment Madness Continues

Lawless Dems To No Longer Allow Republicans To View Transcripts From Impeachment Hearings

Lindsey Graham Refuses To Call in Kurt Volker Who Could Blow Up Impeachment Push

McMullin, Johnson Prevented Trump From Winning 5 More States During 2016

Top Six Swing States Oppose Impeachment By Ten Points

Dems Zero In On Abuse Of Power For Impeachment Inquiry

Resolution To Censure Adam Schiff For Misleading The Public Fabrication Trumps Phone Call Fails

Crooked Hillary: Trump Either Impeached Or He Wins 2020


Mitt Romney Exposed As Fraud

Through Fake Twitter Handle "Pierre Delecto"

Twitter User: @qaws9876, Otherwise Known By  Pierre Delecto.

Romney, Lee Experiencing Tanking Approval Ratings In Utah

63% Of Republicans: Party Should Be More Like Trump, Not Romney

Trump: Democrats Don't Have A Mitt Romney, They Stick Together  

Huckabee On Romney: Twitter The Work of "Kids, Couch Potatoes and Perverts"

Colbert: Romney Twitter Account Sounds Like Soft Core Porn Name

Obama Dines With Robert DeNiro Amid Impeachment Inquiry

Trump Rips Mitt Romney As Treasonous Back Stabber

Newt: Romney A Fossil Of A Dying Republican Brand That Will Be Erased From History

Romney Admits Embarrassment Over Revelation Of New Twitter


Dem's "Star" Witness William Taylor Has Ties With Burisma

Think Tank, Close Ties To McCain Dossier Handler

Schiff Trying To Hide Taylor's Testimony That Would Destroy Ukraine Hoax

Zeldin: Taylor Had FOURTH Hand Information On Ukraine Call


Rand Paul Blasts Lindsey Graham On Refusal To

Investigate Ukraine, Russian Hoax Scandals

See Video


Glenn Simpson: I Was Hired To Investigate Trump In Fall 2015; Memos Made Way Directly To Obama

Project Veritas Slams CNN In Undercover Sting Showing Zucker's Personal Animosity Towards President Trump  

Epstein's Handler Maxwell, Lane Believed To Be In Brazil



Elijah Cummings Signed Subpoenas From His Death Bed, Two Signatures Don't Match On Final Two Raising Questions As Who Forged Them


Dems Clown Show Act 4 In Ohio Tuesday Reveals Party Deep In Communism,

Division, Impeachment, Lies, Deceit

Dems Gush Over Late John McCain During Debate

Harris Pledges To Destroy Big Pharma  -Despite Having Big Pharma As One Of Her Biggest Donors

Joe Biden Flubs Several Times Again During Democratic Debate

Moderators Refuse To Ask Dems ANY Questions On China, Hong Kong

The Squad Feels The Bern - AOC, Tlaib, Omar Endorse Bernie Sanders

Warren Thanks Obama, But Biden Says He, Not Warren, Has Obama's Support

Booker Falsely Claims Trump "Most Unhealthy President"

Gabbard: "I Don't See A Nation Of Deplorables"

Castro: Trump Putting Kids In Cages, Freeing ISIS Terrorists

Harris Funded By Big Pharma and Big Tech

Gabbard Fights Back: "I'm No Asaad Apologist"

Booker Defends Planned Parenthood During Debate


Corrupt Media On Display During Dem Debate

Anderson Cooper Defends Hunter Biden, Says He's Been Falsely Accused By Trump

Sanders Dodges Questions On Hunter Biden

Schweizer: No Comparison Between Biden's Foreign Government Ties,

Trump's Family Business

Booker: Attack Biden Is Attacking A Statesman 

Warren Falsely Claims She Doesn't Endorse Billionaires; She Has Received Donations From Six

Harris: Trump Unpatriotic And Has Committed Crimes "In Plain Sight"


Trump: "Pray For Pelosi" After White House Meeting On Syria

Melts Down, Dems Storm Out

Clinton Foundation Linked Fraudsters Arrested, Poised To Rat Out Bill And Hillary

Flynn Attorney Demands DOJ Produce Newly Discovered

Brady Material On Two Phones Used By Joseph Mifsud

Representative Elijah Cummings Dead At Age 68

173 House Republicans Vote

To Censure Adam Schiff; 24 Do Not

President Trump Fires Back At Susan Rice Over Syria:

"Remember The Red Line In The Sand? Me Either"




Clinton Whistleblower: FEDS Investigating Adam Schiff's Behavior

At Felon And Dem Donor Ed Buck's Meth House

Ukraine Donated The MOST Cash To Clinton Foundation

Than Any Other Nation

Ukraine's Top Prosecutor Looking Into Biden-Linked Burisma Case, Corruption

Schiff Gets Four Pinocchio's From Washington Post For Statements Regarding Whistleblower Complaint

Burchett Looking For Full Transcript Of Volker, Atkinson Testimonies  

Rudy Considering Suing Dems For Rogue Impeachment Proceedings

Group Aiding Lawyers For Whistleblower From Far Left Leaning Dem Groups

Dems "Fantasizing" About Pelosi Becoming President Amid Impeachment Furor

Linda Tripp: Impeachment Madness Lessens Whistleblower Meaning

President Trump Sending Pelosi Letter Demanding An Impeachment Vote

Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett: Dems Efforts On Impeachment A "Three Ring Circus"

Volker: At No Time Did I Take Part In Effort To Probe Biden

Pelosi: "Worried About Health Of Whistleblower"

House Oversight Committee Fights Elijah Cummings Efforts To Get Officials To Testify

Trump: Campaign Has Raised More Money In Three Days Than Most Dems Raised In Quarter

Pelosi's Daughter, Nephew Help Joe Biden Fundraise Despite Impeachment Questions

61 House Republicans Move To Condemn Schiff

Nolte: Media In Def Con 1 As Ukraine Hoax Unravels

Scaramucci: Trump A "Traitor" To The United States of America

Flashback: Hillary Asked China To Get Trump Tax Returns

House Dems Demand Pence Turn Over Ukraine Documents

Joe Biden: Hunter Will Join Me On Campaign Trail At Some Point

Trump Supporters Chant In Sc During House Speaker Visit: "Impeach Pelosi"

Warren: "Enough" Evidence To Convict Trump in Senate

AOC: Trump In "Targeted Anti-Semitism" Against Adam Schiff

Hollywood Getting On Impeach Trump Impeachment Furor

Joe Biden Explodes At Reporter Who Asks Him About Son's Involvement in Ukraine

NPR Regrets Interview With Republican Rep, Distorts Facts, Lies In Commentary At End

Pompeo: We Will Not Bow To Dem Intimidation

Dingell: Pelosi Putting Pressure On Anti-Impeachment Voices

Trump Brandishes 2016 Map: Impeach This

Waters: Trump Deserves Solitary Confinement

Media Covering For Hunter Biden, Father Joe


President Trump Destroys Joe Biden During Minnesota Rally: 'The Only Reason Joe Biden Was Good A VP As Was Is Because

He Knew How To Kiss Obama's Ass"

White House Will Not Comply With "Illegitimate" Impeachment Inquiry

Trump Rallies Hard In Minnesota As Mayor Sought To Destroy Crowd

Left Wingers Attack MAGA Hat Wearers As They Leave Minnesota Rally

Eric Trump Sparks "Lock Him Up" Chants In Minnesota

Trump: Omar A "American Hating Socialist"

Federal Appeals Court: Trump Must Turn Over Financial Records To House  


President Trump: Mitt Romney A "Pompous Ass"

President Trump To Young Black Republicans: Dems Wanting To Steal Your Country And Vote

Owens: Dems Have Disrespected Blacks For Decades, Continue To Do So

Romney: China, Ukraine Probe Questions By Trump "Appalling"

Nolte: If Republicans Cave in Senate, It Will Be End Of GOP For Decades/

Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett: Dems Efforts On Impeachment A "Three Ring Circus"

SC Senator Tim Scott: Romney Doesn't Speak For Most GOP Senators

Romney Adviser Sits On Burisma Energy Board

President Trump Rallies Republicans Against Impeachment, Sits At 92% Approval Among GOP

President Trump To Protect Taxpayers From Subsidizing Illegal Aliens

Trump Expands Visa Waivers Despite Warnings From 911 Commission

Hundreds Of UK Transgenders Want Return To Biological Sex; "Shun Traitors"


Biden Campaign Lawyers Up: "We Cannot Stop The Bleeding"

Poll: 57% Of Americans Want Probe Of Joe and Hunter Biden

In Ukraine Dealings

Biden Rant At Ukrainian Conference Confirms His Interference in 2016 Election

Evidence: DNC Colluded With Ukraine To Take Down Trump During 2016 Election

Second Whistleblower Has Come Forward

Willie Brown: Only Hillary Can Beat Trump in 2020


Report: Migrant Apprehensions Hit 12-Year High In 2019


Dem 2020 Hopeful Bernie Sanders Suffers Heart Attack On Campaign Trail

Warren Campaign Fires Top Advisor Amid Allegations Of "Inappropriate" Behavior


President Trump: We Will Win In 2020 Against Democrat "Con Artists" President Calls Out Whistleblower Ties To Democrat Candidates, Party

Feinstein Endorses Creepy Joe For President


Schweitzer: Hunter Biden Made Deal With China No One, Including Media Has Heard About

Gabbard Qualifies For 4th Dem Debate


Trump Approval Rating Jumps To 53% - Highest in Five Months in Rasmussen Poll


Report: U.S. Attorney Recommends

Charges Against

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Top FBI Agents Take Aim At Christopher Wray

Carter Page FISA Warrants Illegally Obtained According To Coming IG Report

Feds: Epstein Did No Die In Prison Cell

Michael Flynn Exonerated During Hearing On DOJ Memo


Comey, McCabe Will Face Criminal Charges Related To FISA Abuse

Says Top Republican


Georgia Republican: "This Is Really Pathetic" On Latest Dem

Attempt To Impeach President Trump


6.2 Million Off Food Stamps Under President Donald Trump


70 Percent Are Angry At Political Establishment In America


Omar Denies Affair With Consultant Who

Said He Left Wife For Her


President Trump Trolls "Three Stooges"

Republican Contenders Against Him In Primary


Biden Says Racism A "White Man's Problem"

But Does Not Promise Woman Of Color On Ticket


Clinton Trolls Trump Over Fake News

Regarding Nuking Hurricanes


Federal Court: Electoral College Electorates

Not Bound By Popular Vote, Constitution


White House Slams New York Times Editor For "Racism" And

"Anti-Semitic" Posts, Articles; WH Press Secretary Grisham:

"Totally Disgusted"


Al Green To Attempt Fourth Impeachment Try Against President Trump

Lee Zeldin Says NYT Editor Needs To Resign

Biden Assailed Teacher's IQ In 1987 Speech Where He Called Himself MLK Jr.

Never Trumper Bill Krystol Wants Joe Walsh To Run Against Trump in Primary


Omar, Tlaib Tweet Out Anti-Semitic Cartoon


Warren Tries To Buy Native American Vote With

1/1024th Apology For "Mistakes"

...Deletes DNA Test From Campaign Website

Warren Crowd 6,000 Most Not 12K As Campaign Claimed At Latest Rally

College Students Prefer Socialist Bernie Sanders Over All Other Candidates

Virginia Dem Mocks Hispanic Trump Supporter

Feinstein Falsely Claims Assault Weapons Ban Lowered Crime

AOC Demeans Middle America, Slams Electoral College

CNN: Harris Drops 12% In Latest Poll After Second Debate

Politico Denies Joe's Brain In Decline; Scarborough Praises Biden As "Reaganesque"


Dems Fundraise - In Mexico

Poll: Trump Leads ALL Dem Candidates For 2020

200 Migrants Caught At New Mexico Border

15 Migrants Apprehended With Fake IDS Near Border


Democrat Fundraiser Mimics Trump Assassination  


Anthony Scaramucci Recruiting Former Trump Cabinet

Members To Denounce President According To Reports

White House: Mooch Profiting Off Mockery of President  


Strange Jeep Followed ICIG Investigators Looking Into Clinton Emails

As House Broken Into, Computers Stolen

Grassley Letter Sheds More Light on Clinton Email Scandal And Server Provider Granted Immunity By Crooked FBI

  The Unraveling Of The Attempted Coup To Take Out Trump


Eight Things To Know About Biden's Corrupt Family


FBI Memo: Obama Administration Was In Contact With Fusion GPS


Death Camps For Trump Supporters' Fliers Seen in New York City


Peter Stryok Announces Wrong Termination Law Suit Against FBI

Another Scandal Rocks FBI As Reports Surface That Agents Were Having Sex With CNN Reporters

As Bosses Comey, Wray Did Nothing During 2016 Campaign

Wray Welcomes Strzok Back To FBI


Joaquin Castro Faces Backlash For Outing Trump Donor Information

Trying To Shame Trump Supporters

Trump Raising Flags on August 8 A Sign To Nazi Supporters According to A NBC Host

In Bid To Shame Trump Castro Reveals and Shames His Own Donors

Same Dem Lawmakers Wanting To Dox You Want To Take Away Your Guns  - Nolte Opinion

Tlaib Defends Castro's Actions Against Trump Donors, Supporters

USC Lecturer: Diversity And Diverse Views Are Racism

The Squad Demands Pelosi Reconvene House To Address White Supremacy

Scarborough Defends Castro's Actions On Doxing Trump Supporters


Deep State FBI Helped Hillary Bleach Bit,

Destroy Hard Drive With Hammer


Wray's FBI Continues To Cover For Comey Cartel

FBI Braces For Durham's First Drop: "No One Is Safe"  

Obama, Hillary's Immunity Agreements Leaked To Gateway Pundit

Overstock CEO Says FBI Instructed Tech Exec To Trade Sex For Intel

President Trump: Al Sharpton A "Con Man" Who Hates Whites And Cops


Democrats Set For Part Two Of July Debates Tonight Of In Detroit,

Democrat Run City Among Top Ten Rattiest Cities In America


Witches Applaud Dem During Opening

Act in Detroit

Marianne Williamson, "Guru" Wins Spotlight At Tuesday

Night Dem Debate In Detroit

Witches Supporting Williamson Launch "Occult" Task Force

Dem Debate: No Guns, Racism, Free Stuff And Trump's A Racist

Williamson Hit Obama In 2016 For Not Attacking Syria

Gay Mayor Pete Buttigieg Quotes Bible Shaming Christians On Minimum Wage

Self Help Guru Dominates Breitbart Poll, Offers Free College To "Stimulate The Economy"


Dems Penning Impeachment Hopes on Mueller Testimony

Comey Praises Mueller Ahead of Testimony As "American Patriot With Principles"

Giuliani: Muller Has No Business Before Congress On A Case He Didn't Bring

Deep State Spy Stephen Halper Paid Over $1.5 M To Spy on Trump, Spying Work Went Well Into 2017

Mueller Set To Testify July 24 Before House Intel and Judiciary Committees


Borat Director: Arm Ourselves Against MAGA People: This IS War

Buttineg: White Supremacy Threatens U.S. And Its Existence


Rep. Peter King: Serious Abuses Regarding FBI, CIA About To Come Out


Kamala Harris Blasts, Then Takes Money From Epstein Law Firm  


Cortez Gets 2020 Republican Challenger For Her Seat In New York


Democrats Go Hard Left In First Debate: Elizabeth Warren Promises

To Eradicate Health Insurance For 150 Million With Government Take Over Of Plans

Health Care Costs of Illegals Could Costs $660B Per Decade  Says Report

Five Out Of Nine Americans Oppose Insurance For Illegal Aliens

Top Fundraiser Abandons Biden Over Support For Segregationist

Medicare For All, Climate Change, Abortion, Gun Control All Heard During Second Night Of Dem Debates

NBC's Chuck Todd Speaks More Words Than 7 Out Of 10 Democrat Candidates on Stage  

NBC News Refuses To Confront Warren On False Native American Claims


Obama Accepted $21.6 Million In Foreign Donations In 2012 According To New DOJ Report

Report: Under Obama America Became Number 1 Spot For Pedophilia


Carter Shames Himself: Trump Administration Tortures and Abuses Children At Border  

Claims President Trump An "Illegitimate President" Due To Russian Meddling


President Trump Raises $24.2 Million On First Day

Of Presidential Kick Off Rally For 2020


Joe Biden's Son's Personal And Business Issues Threatening

To Derail Former VP's Candidacy

Nolte: Media Buried Biden Past Support Of Segregationists To Protect Obama

Biden Praised Segregationist As Man Of "Courage" And "Courageous"


Robert Davi Rips Those Calling Jon Voight 'John Wilkes Booth'

After Voight Calls President Trump Best President Since Lincoln  


Fifty Years Of Flip Flops Of Joe Biden


Biden: No Evidence I Assisted Son In Ukraine Probe

Migrants Hiring Coyotes "Just Like My Irish Ancestors"

Pundit: FBI Needs To Be Looking Into Biden's Ties To China

Biden: NAFTA Was Good Decision When I Made It - "It Seemed Like Right Thing To Do"

Ukrainian Embassy Confirms DNC Contractor Sought Dirt on Trump,

Biden Had Prosecutor Fired Who Looked Into Hunter Biden's Illegal Ukraine Investments


DHS Released 7000 Illegal Aliens In One Day,

109,000 Apprehensions Since April

White House Lays Out Immigration Plan During White House Meeting

Twelve Million American Workers Out Of Work Force As DHS Approves 30K More Foreign Workers


Openly Gay Rep. Brian Sims Harasses Pro-Life Teens, Elderly Ladies

 At Planned Parenthood Clinic In Philly


New York Times Leaves Out Stock Market Crash In

Trump Hit Piece Regarding Tax Losses


Donald Trump Jr. Rebuffs Republican Led Senate Judiciary Committee's Subpoena


President Trump Trolls Media In Energized Rally In

Panama City Beach, Florida Wednesday Night

(Photo: Christopher McDonald, Publisher)

House Judiciary Committee Holds AG Barr In Contempt Of Congress

Nadler In 1998 A Lot Different Tone Than That In 2019 Regarding Grand Jury Testimony

DOJ: No One Will Force The DOJ To Break The Law

Chavetz: Where Were Dems On Fast And Furious During Holder Contempt Citation?

President Trump Asserts Executive Privilege on Full Mueller Report 

Kamala Harris Ignores Questions

About Child Trafficking To Take Selfies


President Trump: Ukraine Allegations Against Clinton

"Big And Incredible" And Will Be Investigated

Obama Administration Reached Out To Ukraine To Give Russia Hoax A Boost


Bernie Sanders Leading In Early Democratic Primary States

Sanders: Abortion Ok Up Until Birth

Moore: Time For Privileged Dems To Give Up Power To Socialist Wing Of Party

Obama: Trump "Divorced" Dad Making America Sick  


Sickening Cheers As New Dem Candidate Pete Buttigieg

Kisses Husband At 2020 Kickoff Campaign Event


Brazille Defends Obama's Handling Of Russia Meddling In 2016 Campaign


President Trump Praises George P. Bush:

"This Is The Only Bush That Likes Me"

President Trump's Approval Rating Hits 53%


FEC Files Complaint Against Cortez Campaign Saying

They Are Running  Subsidy Scheme










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