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This Day In History
2019 High School Prep Schedule, Scores For 8/23/2019

U.S. Marshals Arrest Fugitive On UT Campus  - Was Custodial Worker



Likely Microburst Damages Trees In Sevierville,

Pigeon Forge Late Tuesday Night During Heavy Thunderstorm


University Of Kentucky Caught

Discriminating Against, Mocking Conservatives


White House Slams New York Times Editor For "Racism" And "Anti-Semitic" Posts, Articles; WH Press Secretary Grisham: "Totally Disgusted"


Al Green To Attempt Fourth Impeachment Try Against President Trump

Lee Zeldin Says NYT Editor Needs To Resign

Biden Assailed Teacher's IQ In 1987 Speech Where He Called Himself MLK Jr.

Never Trumper Bill Krystol Wants Joe Walsh To Run Against Trump in Primary



Federal Court: Electoral College Electorates

Not Bound By Popular Vote, Constitution


Weekly Jobless Claims Tumble More Than Expected For July


The Latest On Jeffrey Epstein



Accuser Says She Massaged "Simpson's" Creator's Feet In Epstein's Private Jet



Bella Thorne: I Was Molested My Whole Life

Modeling Agency Provided Jeffrey Epstein Over 1000 Underage Girls

Ghislaine Maxwell Now Under FBI Scrutiny

Early Epstein Accuser: Could Have Been Stopped In 1997

Epstein Was Given Three French 12-Year Olds As Birthday Present

Epstein Prison Guards Not Cooperating With DOJ Probe According To Report



Bubba Fest Coming To East Tennessee This Weekend

With Chuck Norris, Others



LOCAL Updated: 08/24/2019 07:43:23 AM
Small Earthquake Felt Outside Greeneville Late Sunday  
Rogersville Man Arrested For Standing Nude On Beach, Shouting Obscenities At Boaters  
First Tennessee Warns Customers Of Scammers Posing As Them  
East TN Children's Hospital CEO To Retire  
Sixth Annual Knoxville Asian Festival Sunday  
Man Arrested For Attempted Murder Outside Senior Center  
Knoxville Teen Arrested For Impersonating Police Officer
Seymour Woman Pleads Guilty To Drowning Infant In Bathtub
3rd Annual Creepy Con Returns To Knoxville This Weekend
Dolly, Reba and Carrie To Host 2019 CMA Awards  
Six Month Old Child Found Dead In Parked Car In North Knoxville  
Hamblen County Trustee Indicted For Multiple Counts Of Failure To Deposit Public Money  
More Local Stories HERE

STATE/REGION Updated: 08/24/2019 07:43:23 AM
Man Arrested For Throwing Flip Flop At Titans Game  
Police: Woman Tried To Smother Husband With Pillow At Hospital  
Man Falls 50 Feet At Cummins State Park In Middle Tn  
KY Man Rapes 8 Year Old Gold After Hitting Her On Head With Shovel  
Lee Will Not Stop Execution Of Stephen Michael West  
Three Dogs Die After Being Exposed To Algae In Pond In North Carolina  
ATT Fixing Issue With State 9-11 Landline Calls  
Tennessee Groups Awarded Suicide Prevention Grants  
More State Stories HERE
NATION Updated: 08/24/2019 07:43:23 AM
Sarah Sanders Heads to Fox News As Contributor  
Brooks: Islam's Growing Influence In DNC Ranks Fueling Anti-Semitism
Sanders Unveils 16T Green New Deal Plan  
India Has 630,000 Illegals In The United States
Google Search Corrects Hillary After False Tweet Slamming The President  
Miss. Ice Raids Produce NO Arrests For Employers Of Illegal Aliens  
CIA Whistleblower Warns That Elites Want President Trump Out

Modeling Agency Provided Jeffrey Epstein Over 1000 Underage Girls

Ghislaine Maxwell Now Under FBI Scrutiny

Early Epstein Accuser: Could Have Been Stopped In 1997

Epstein Was Given Three French 12-Year Olds As Birthday Presents

Epstein Prison Guards Not Cooperating With DOJ Probe According To Report

Federal Prisons Chief Fired In Wake Of Epstein Suicide  
LA Bans Sleeping In Vans In Light of Homeless Crisis  
"The Hunt" Movie Shelved - For Now; Director: It Was Meant To Unify, Not Divide  
Ninth Circuit Appeals To Allow Trump To Block Asylum In Texas and New Mexico  
More National Stories HERE

WORLD/ISRAEL Updated: 08/24/2019 07:43:23 AM

India Has 630,000 Illegals In The United States
Rouhani Unveils New Missile System, Says Talks With USA "Useless"  
Italian PM Resigns Amidst Trump Wave In Italy  
Swedish Pepper Spray Spikes Due To Increased Wave of Rapes  
UK To Not Look Further Into Epstein Allegations He Trafficked Minors There
Mexican Government Silent As Cartel Executions Spike
Johnson Accuses MPS Collaborators Of Seeking To Stop British BREXIT Again
More World Stories HERE
NEWS FROM ISRAEL Updated: 08/24/2019 07:43:23 AM
U.S.: Israel Needs To Regulate Chinese Investments  
Netanyahu: We Respect Congress But Detest BDS Movements Against Israel
Israel May Have Been Behind Attacks On Iranian Targets In Iraq
Majority of Palestinians Oppose President Trump's Peace Plan  
Nazi Swastika Flag Raised By Palestinian Supporters  
Tlaib Compares Israel To Nazi Germany In Hate Filled Speech  
AOC: Palestinians Have No Choice But To Riot Against Israel  
Graft, Corruption, Sexual Abuse Detailed In U.N. Report Regarding Palestinian Agency  
More World Stories HERE
Devotion: "The Spirit Of Lawlessness" By David Wilkerson  
Pope Francis Calls For "Antidote" Against Populism In Europe, World
Chasten Buttineg: Gay Conversion Therapy Will Be Made Illegal Under My "Husband"  
Iraqi Bishop: Christian Persecution Strong In Middle East To Point Of Extinction  
Report: Religious Freedom Down To 40 Year Low In China
Hillsongs Simpson: I'm Losing My Faith  
Federal Judge Rules That Transgender Students Can Use Either Bathroom  
Evidence Of Babylonian Conquest Unearthed Just As Bible Describes It
Indian Pastor Is Dragged From Service Into Fields And Beaten By Hindus According To Reports  
New Rules Limit How Many Immigrants Eligible For Welfare Programs - Illegal and Legal  
Microsoft Admits Humans Listen In On Skype Calls  
More Faith HERE
Boy Members Face Up To 15 Years After Brawls With Antifa In Manhattan
Modeling Agency Provided Epstein With 1,000 Underage Girls  
Don Lemon's Sexual Assault Accuser Has Witness According To Reports  
Miss. Ice Raids Produce NO Arrests For Employers Of Illegal Aliens  Kerik: NYPD Cops Now Afraid To Do Jobs After Garner Firing/
Epstein Former Cell Mate Receiving Threats From Guards To Remain Quiet About What He Knows About Epstein Suicide  
Mexican Man Extradited For Trafficking Back To US
Italian Psych: Let's Do Electroshock To End Prejudices
New Jersey Woman Accused Of Setting Man On Fire After Refused Booty Call  
Three NYPD Officers Injured In Brooklyn Mob Attack  
Dems Deliver Warning to Supreme Court Over Restructuring  
President Trump: Raids A Great Deterrent To Illegal Immigration
47 Shot In Chicago, 4 Fatal Over Weekend
Ohio Man Who Wrote "Cortez Should Be Shot" Arrested  
Illegal Alien In Mollie Tibbetts Case Claims His Rights Were "Violated"
Epstein Told Reporter He Saw Several Silicon Valley Notables Doing Drugs, Sex On Island  
Illinois Leaders Warn Illegals Of Possible ICE Raids
Death Camp For Trump Supporter Fliers Seen Throughout New York City  
FBI Agents Had Affairs With CNN Reporters According To Report  
Louisiana Woman Says Meth Hidden In Her Vagina Was Not Hers  
You Tube Video Leads To Animal Cruelty Charges Against Woman  
Police: Man Who Entered Missouri Wal-Mart "Lucky To Be Alive"  

More Criminal Justice Cases HERE

Swalwell: House Should Impeach Trump To Throw Corrupted Title On Him Before Election  
Cortez Blasts Her Former Chief of Staff For Divisive Comments  
More Political News Here


Charlie Kirk: Left Wants To Deconstruct Nation From Within
Democrats Have Demonized Every Trump Supporter  
Cuomo's Guns Should Be Red Flagged After His Personal Meltdown  

SPECIAL: Obama's Historic History Or Surveillance Abuse Of Power

We Can Never Trust The FBI, CIA Again: Nolte

Walmart Earnings Put Ding In Left's Warnings Of Recession  
Southwest Adding $99 Flights To Hawaii
GE Shares Plummet On News of Fraud Case Bigger Than Enron  
Pizza Hut Will Close Hundreds Of Dine In Restaurants  
45% Of Americans Wear Underwear Two Days Or Longer  
Diabetic Groom To Be Die After Taking Cheaper Insulin To Pay For Wedding
Scientists: Hot Dogs Pose Cancer Risk To Kids  
Counterfeit Pills Linked To Deaths In 24 Hour Span  
Memphis Children's Hospital Performs First Throat Surgery On Two Year Old  
Nationwide Recall Over Taco Seasonings  
More Life, Business, Health Stories HERE
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Spacey Whistleblower Killed  
The Disney Death Machine In Death of Christopher Boyce

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All An Illusion  
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Church Pedophiles And Trafficking "Nests"
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The Abortion Agenda - What You Don't Know  
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