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Schiff Stonewalls Again Refusing To Allow Whistleblower

To Testify At Impeachment Hearing

President Trump: "I Caught The Swamp, I Caught Them All"

Trump Brushes Off Witch Hunt Impeachment Probe - "Pelosi, Biden Need To Be Called"

Schiffs Star Witness Has Ties To Soros, Dossier

Nunes Demands Schiff Be Placed Under Oath And Testify During Impeachment Inquiry

Whistleblower Lawyer Brags About Getting Clearances For Those With Porn Issues

Whistleblower Lawyer: Coup Against Trump Started Day He Took Office

Kennedy: "It Must Be Sick To Be That Dumb" - On Pelosi

Deniro: Trump Must Be Impeached Because He Has To Pay For Something He Did Wrong (Deniro Won't Say What)  

Twitter Suspending Accounts Naming Whistleblower

Hill Has Ties To Chris Steele, Dossier, Deep State Soros Actors






Ukraine Ambassador Contacted Dem Staff Despite Testifying Under Oath She Didn't

Mulvaney Defies Dem Subpoena Over Impeachment Inquiry

Impeachment Insanity Continues Codename "Charlie" The So-Called Whistleblower

Report: House Dems Drafting Three Articles Of Impeachment Against President Trump

House Dems Release Transcript Of Top State Department Official

Report: Bloomberg Files Papers To Run For President - In New York

Whistleblower Attorney Wrote In 2017: "The Coup Has Started"

Whistleblowers Lawyers Cite Deep Throat Precedents To Keep Identity Secret

Schiff Restricts Republicans Questions To Impeachment Witnesses

Snopes: Dems Have Tried To Impeach Every Republican President Since Eisenhower

Rasmussen: Trump Approval Rating Hits 50 Percent Again Despite Impeachment Inquiry

Taylor Unaware U.S. Aid To Ukraine Was Ever Withheld

Feinstein Feigns Outrage Over Attempts To Identify Whistleblower

McCain To Don Jr: Does Your Family Hurting People Feel Good To You

Michelle Obama Seeks Rapinoe, Gomez To Get Out The Vote Drive

Eric Smallwell: Trump Traded Defense Dollars For Dirt

Facebook To Remove Any Mention of Whistleblower According To Report

News Media Worried About Whistleblower Safety But Not 638 Attacks On Trump Supporters In 2018

Same Day FBI Agent Removed From Case For Bias He Wrote 302 On Case He Was Accused Of Being Biased On

Bill Nelsen: If Warren Or Sanders Nominee We Lose Florida Again

Whistleblower Lawyer Sends Letter Of "Cease and Decease" To President Trump Over Attacks Of His Client

Anti Trump Ambassador Lied Under Oath

Anti-Trump Whistleblower Was Guest At Joe Biden's State Department Dinner In 2016








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This Day In History

Vols Comeback To Beat Wildcats 17-13, Move To 4-5 On Season

Bowl Game Real Possibility For Pruitt's Second Year



President Trump Receives Mainly Warm Welcome At

LSU-Alabama Showdown Game

LSU Holds Off Alabama 46-41


Alabama Dems Protest Trump's Visit To Game - Ten Show Up





30 Years Later, Germans Still Wanting Answers Regarding Berlin Wall

Pompeo  Unveils Ronald Reagan Statue At Place Of Berlin Wall



5.8 Million Americans Off Food Stamps Under President Trump

President Launches Black Voices For Trump 2020 Coalition



Emboldened Northam And Virginia Dems Seeking

Gun Confiscation Now As Dems Take Full Control


CNN Hosts Blame Klacik For Elijah Cummings Death



"Midway" Stomps Stephen King, All Girl Terminator At Box Office

"Doctor Sleep" Gives King Last Word On Kubrick


Smokies Wildfires To Be More Common

In Years To Come Say Experts



LOCAL Updated: 11/10/2019 11:08:33 AM
Knox DA Clears Officer In Fatal Shooting Of Suspect Tom Philly Pheap
Knox Man Hit By Three Vehicles Crossing Street
14 Year Old Charged After Bringing Air-Soft Gun To Morristown Middle School
Cocke County Woman Admits To Murder In Shooting Of Infant, Others
3 Month Old Survives Brutal Attack, Man In Jail For Crime
McMinn Sixth Grader Charged After Bringing Gun To School
150K Grant Given To KARM Ministries  
Claiborne County Sheriff's Department Calls In SWAT Team To Assist Tazewell Man  
Parents Charged In Death Of Two Year Old Found In Vehicle Outside Gatlinburg Home, Gets Probation
Deer Attacks Blount County Woman Who Remains In Serious Condition  
Bridge Dedicated To Fallen Maryville Police Officer
More Local Stories HERE

STATE/REGION Updated: 11/10/2019 11:08:33 AM

Fourth TN Death Row Inmate Chooses Electric Chair
Jeff Sessions Running Again For Old Alabama Senate Seat  
North Carolina Blurs Lines On Sexual Assault Laws  
TN Medicaid Officials Want More Coverage For Post Partum Case
NC Man, Dog Bitten By Mama Bear During Fight  
TN Middle School Student Draws World Map From Memory
More Than 2 Million Ready To Eat Chicken Recalled
Suspect Wanted In Blanchard Kidnapping Case Arrested
KY Man Charged For Illegally Filming Wife Naked
Two TDOT Contractors Dead, Trooper Injured In Deadly I-40 Crash  
More State Stories HERE
NATION Updated: 11/10/2019 11:08:33 AM
Trump: "I Caught Them All" Teases Major Development  
Cindy McCain: The Country Needs John McCain
David Harris Jr: Black Community Holds Key To President Trump's 2020 Re-Election  
Top 10 Michael Bloomberg Gun Control Moves While Mayor Of New York
More than 500,000 Foreigners Entered U.S. Illegally In 2019 So Far
CBS Sides With Pedophile, Fires Whistleblower Who Outed Robach, ABC News On Epstein Case  
State Department Flagged Biden's Involvement With Burisma But Obama Administration Ignored Complaint
Starbucks Goes To War On Christmas Again
Chemical Reaction Kills One At MA Buffalo Wings Restaurant  
FBI Misidentified Anti-Trump Notes In Flynn Case
Jordan Promises Whistleblower Will Testify In Public
Virginia Governor Vows To Take Guns Away From Law Abiding Citizens
ESPN Celebrates Transgender Wrestler
Don Jr. Appears On View And Fireworks Erupt  
Far Left Hospital Refuses To Allow Melania Trump To Visit Those Addicted To Drugs  
Gabbard: We Don't Have A Nation If We Don't Have Borders  
Schiff Changing Rules Again On Impeachment Inquiry
ABC'S Holston: Outing Whistleblower A Federal Crime
Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson Retiring Week After Brush Up With President Trump
Oakland Removes 250 Tons Of Trash In Homeless Encampment
Judge Orders President To Pay 2M In Charitable Complaint Case  
Oklahoma Lawmakers Pass Bill To Name Highway After President Trump
More National Stories HERE

WORLD/ISRAEL Updated: 11/10/2019 11:08:33 AM

Iran Develops Machine To Enhance Enrichment
Boris Johnson's Party Could Gain 95% Of British Parliament
China Sentences Fentanyl Crook To Death  

10 Dead In Brutal Cartel Attack In Mexico

Parents Of Baby Killed IN Routine Doctor Visit Flee Cuba
Berlin Police Injured During Nasty Antifa Attack
Mexico: Man Who Outed El Chapo Son Shot 155 Times in Cartel Killing
More World Stories HERE
NEWS FROM ISRAEL Updated: 11/10/2019 11:08:33 AM
Jewish Newspaper Rips "Racist" Jeremy Corbyn
More Israel News Stories HERE
Devotion: "The Spirit Of Lawlessness" By David Wilkerson  
School Tells Students Write A Disney Story With Sexism and Racism  
Sheriff Defends "IN God We Trust" ON Cars After Atheists Complain  
James Younger Goes To School As BOY After Dad Wins Legal Battle Over Custody
James Younger Attends Class As Boy For First Time  
Former Planned Parenthood Trainer Seeks To Promote Book Set Praising Transgenderism To Minors
Only One In Five Britons Say Bible Is Relevant To Them  
China Staging Daily Life In Muslim Concentration Camps To Fool Foreigners  
California Instructor: Trump Supporters Bad People Who Make Bad Life Decisions
More Faith HERE
Disney Workers, Middle School Teacher Caught Up In Porn Sting
Three Men Shot At Mexican Border, One Dead
Smugglers Arrested For Bringing 27 In On Trucks At Border
Arizona: 1200 Pounds Of Drugs Brought In From Illegals Found In One Home
Ky: Mom Left Child With Convicted Sex Offender
Top Dem Witness Lied Under Oath Regarding Contact With Dem Staffers
Whistleblower: Code Name Charlie
Whistleblower Attorney Says He Likes Watching "Disney Girl" Movies And Videos  
Sens. Grassley and Johnson Want Docs Relating To Joe Biden, Son Hunter, And Burisma Released To Public  
Man Arrested For Stabbing Trump Balloon At LSU-Alabama Game
Sanctuary County Frees Illegal Alien Who Sexually Assaulted 11-Year Old Boy  
6/10 Floridians Oppose Driver's License For Illegal Aliens
Bernie Opposes Deportations Of Criminals, Rapists, Pedophiles  

More Criminal Justice Cases HERE

Schiff Coaches Vidman During Impeachment Testimony
Meadows Tells Smallwell To Shut Up During Impeachment Inquiry Hearings
Gallup: GOP Enthusiasm Tops Dem As 2020 Looms  
Nikki Haley: Trump Done Nothing Impeachable
Sanders Blasts Bloomberg At Iowa Rally
April Ryan, Isaiah Washington Clash Over Klacik Candidacy Against Elijah Cumming's Old Seat  
AOC: Bloomberg Buying Election
Former NAACP Representative Running For Elijah Cummings Seat
Kimberly Klacik Running For Elijah Cummings Old Seat
Alabama Candidate Jessica Taylor To Fight Liberal Squad
Clinton Dodges Questions About 2020 Presidential Run  
CNN Loses More Viewers Over Impeachment Hoax Charade
Harris Gushes About Impeachment If It Goes To Senate: "Ill Be There"  
Biden Slams Warren As "Elitist And Condescending"  
President Trump Reads 2017 Tweet From Whistleblower Regarding "The Coup Has Begun"  
Fox News Management Forbids Hosts From Mentioning Whistleblower's Name  
Harris Wants Schools To Stay Open Till 6 PM
Woman Who Gave Trump The Finger Wins Spot On City Council Board
More Political News Here


Root: Mr. President Time To Declare War On The Drug Cartels
Tucker Carlson: Every Dem Screaming Climate Change Should Plant Trees
Huckabee: Trump's China Policy Saving USA Millions
What Bananas Teach Us About Socialism  
What The Berlin Wall Teaches Millennial  
Don Jr. Shows Media Hypocrisy This Week On The View  
Bradshaw: President Trump Showing Courage Going To Sporting Events  

SPECIAL: Obama's Historic History Or Surveillance Abuse Of Power

We Can Never Trust The FBI, CIA Again: Nolte

Companies Testing Out Four Day Work Weeks
New York City Company Gifting Criminals With Baseball Tickets  
Purdue Opiods Deal Blasted By Health Professionals  
95% Of Tested Baby Foods Found To Have Toxic Material In Them
More Than 2,000 In U.S. Diagnosed With Vaping Sickness
Americans Searching Out Health Symptoms Online Misdiagnosed Themselves
Two Sisters Thousands To Buy 108 Thanksgiving Meals For Holidays
Twitter Suspending Accounts For Naming Whistleblower
Missouri Sheriff's Office Welcomes 17 New Babies
Seinfeld Actor Charles Levins Body Found In Oregon Woods
Texas Couple Sets Record As Oldest Married Couple In World
Actor Robert Forrester Dies At Age 78 After Nominated For "El Camino"
More Life, Business, Health Stories HERE

ESPN Praises Transgender Wrestler

2019 College Football Rankings  
Atlanta Falcons Report -
Tennessee Titans Report -


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Phil And Willie Robertson Bring Down

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Whistleblower Attorney's Tweets From 2017:

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November 8, 2019





President Trump On Whistleblower's Tweets:

"He Should Be Sued And Charged With Treason"

November 8, 2019




Schiff Obsessed With Impeachment

November 8, 2019


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