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Authorities Search For Armed Cumberland Kidnapping Suspect


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Mocks "C-List"

Celebrities For Boycotting Georgia Over Heartbeat Law

Alveda King: New Abortion Laws Not Meant To Punish Women But to Give The Baby Civil Rights

Rapper: Abortion Laws Are Slavery And "I'm Not Proud To Be An American"

Jim Carey Artwork Depicts Gov. Kay Ivey Being Ripped From Womb In Vile Cartoon


President Trump's Approval Rating Hits Highest It's Been In Two Years


Al Jazeera Suspends Two Journalists Over Holocaust Report

That Claims Jews Manipulated Media And Pushed "Gas Chamber" Hoax


Trump Warns Iran: Attack The U.S.

And It Will Be The End Of Iran


Gatlinburg Adds Jewel To Crown A Bridge Sure To Draw Thousands Around Globe  


Tennessee House GOP Caucus Meets Behind Closed Doors

To Determine Fate Of Embattled State House Speaker



Border Agent: "We've Lost

Control Of The Border"

Tom Cotton: Trump Plan In Right Direction On Merit-Based Immigration

 Mexican Border Patrol Agent Gunned Down In Apparent Homicide   


Tennessee Church Shooting Suspect On Trial Today


Massive Manhunt Nabs Suspect Involved In Killing Alabama Police Officer Near Auburn



LOCAL Updated: 05/20/2019 12:43:59 PM
I-24 Road Rage Incident In Chattanooga Ends In Two Arrests  
Man Stabbed To Death On John Sevier Highway  
Gatlinburg Sky Bridge Adds Jewel Sure To Draw Thousands Around Globe
Kingsport Finds Dead Body In Holston River  
Knoxville Man Scammed By Online Car Ad
More Local Stories

STATE/REGION Updated: 05/20/2019 12:43:59 PM

More State Stories HERE

Tennessee House GOP Caucus Meets Behind Closed Doors To Determine Fate Of Embattled State House Speaker

Tritt Tour Bus Involved In Fatal Wreck  
Ongoing Manhunt For Suspect Involved In Auburn Shooting  
NATION Updated: 05/20/2019 12:43:59 PM
Chris Wallace Silent As Buttigieg Trashes Fox News, Lies About GOP Taking Away Health Care  
Four Americans, One Canadian Die IN Plane Crash In Honduras  
Trump To Pardon Service Members On Memorial Day  
Gillibrand Pledges To Release All Illegal Aliens Claiming Asylum Into U.S. Communities
White House Plans To Send 120K Troops To Middle East  
More National Stories HERE

WORLD/ISRAEL Updated: 05/20/2019 12:43:59 PM

Anti-BREXIT Protesters Hit Farage With Milk Shakes In England  
Giuliani: I'd Like To Put Adam Schiff Under Oath
Trump Invites Farage For State Visit Banquet  
Record Number Of Attacks On France's Gay Population  
More World Stories
NEWS FROM ISRAEL Updated: 05/20/2019 12:43:59 PM
No Condemnation From Any 2020 Presidential Candidates For Rocket Attacks on Israel From Hamas  
75 American Colleges Offer Black Only Graduation  
PA Governor "Appalled" At All The Pro-Life Legislation Being Passed By States  
Report: Turkey's Christians Destroyed By 30-Year Old Genocide  
China Forcing Muslims To Eat Pork During Ramadan  
Top Alabama Dem: We Raped Women Last Night With Abortion Bill  
Gillibrand: Too Many Men Involved In Abortion Debate  
Demon Battlers Summoned To Rome For Exorcism Course  
More Faith HERE
Blast Hits Egypt Tour Bus Injuring 17
College Admissions Bribe Scandal: Suspects Told Students To Lie About Race  
Illegal Alien Convicted Raping Dog To Death Released Into Sanctuary State  
Felicity Huffman Pleads Guilty In College Scandal Case  
Georgia Man Escapes Jail After Leaving Teen Jailed In Dog Cage
Migrants Paid $130 Per Kid To Have Them Cross With Different Families Seeking Asylum  
Harris Threatens Total Ban On AR-15
Biden: Second Amendment Doesn't Mean You Have Right To Own A Gun  
Who Is John Durham In Russia Probe
Judge Under Fire For Social Media Post  
Comey Turns On Brennan As Pressure Mounts On Deep State Attempt At Presidential Coup  
Man Fights For Wife's Right To Life In Houston Hospital  
Audio Invesitagtion In You Tube Leads To Arrest Of Parents  
Worker Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Patients In Phoenix Hospital  
AG Barr Working Closely With CIA On Obama Russia Gate Hoax  
California Woman Arrested After Attempting To Drown Baby At McDonald's Restaurant  
Asian Nazi Sentenced To Eight Years On Fire Arm Charges
Justin Amash Shames Himself, America With Trump Impeachment Stuff
Trump: Fox News Wasting Time On Buttigieg Town Hall  
Buttigieg Platform For 2020: Abortion, Pot and Illegal Aliens
Romney Backs Buttigieg Impeachment Speech
Hannity Defiant After Fox News Tells Him To Stop Calling Sara Carter An Investigative Reporter  
DeBlasio Goes Full Out Communist In 2019 Campaign Speech For President  
Nadler: Barr Is Just A Liar
Nadler: Trump Is Worse Than Nixon And Needs To Be Impeached
Trump Supporters Crash Diblasio's Green New Deal Presidential Announcement  
Joe Biden Criticizes Donald Trump's Tough China Tariff Policy  
No Comment From Dem Candidates On Hamas Attacks Against Israel  
White House Denies Nadler Request For Documents


SPECIAL: Obama's Historic History Or Surveillance Abuse Of Power

We Can Never Trust The FBI, CIA Again: Nolte

Barr's Russia Probe Of Investigators Only Way To Restore Credibility To Institutions
Major League Baseball

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Many Bombshells In One Week But Nothing Happening - Yet
Clintons Shipwrecked On Epstein's Island
Blissfully Ignorant In A World Of Turmoil Over America
Nyxvim Latest Updates As Salzman Takes Plea
Church Pedophiles And Trafficking "Nests"
Inside Hillary's Latest Tax Scandal  
The Abortion Agenda - What You Don't Know  
Will The Real Jim Yong Stand Up As The World Bank Turns  
Interview with Former Haitian Senate President (AUDIO)
Traffickers Exploit Haiti To Tune Of $10B
Organ Trafficking Conspirators A Worldwide Epidemic  
What We Know About The Sealed Indictments  

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Prosecution Exposes Some Evidence
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