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Vols Shut Out Chattanooga 45-0 For First Win Of The Year

Report: U.S. Attorney Recommends Charges Against Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Top FBI Agents Take Aim At Christopher Wray

Carter Page FISA Warrants Illegally Obtained According To Coming IG Report

Feds: Epstein Did No Die In Prison Cell

Michael Flynn Exonerated During Hearing On DOJ Memo

Pelosi, Nadler Push For Trump Impeachment

Latest From The National Hurricane Center




Settled, Dry Weather All Week Across East Tennessee

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This Day In History

Trump Celebrates 150th Judge Being Confirmed During Administration

Clintons Hired 1000's Of Operatives Posing As Real People For Talk Radio Programs



Trump Confirms U.S. Killed Osama Bin Laden's Son


2246 Unborn Children Found In Illinois Abortionists Home




Stolen Vehicle Involved In Crash That

Killed Knoxville Pastor, Wife




Illegal Alien Sentenced To Six Years For Having Enough Fentanyl To Kill Half Million Americans

10 Chinese Illegal Migrants Arrested In West Texas

Human Smugglers, 26 Migrants Arrested  

Cartel Connected Human Rights Group Allege Police Brutality





Feilicty Huffman's 14-Day Sentence Sparks Outrage Among Justice Officials


Abortion Industry Officials Admit Harvesting Baby Body Parts


U.S. Surpasses Saudi Arabia, Russia To Become World's Top Oil Producer


President Trump: We Are Battling Two Enemies The Media And Democrats

Trump: Country Going To Hell If These People Win As Dems Shame Themselves During Latest Debate

Black Poverty Hits Record Low Under President Trump

Two Australian Bloggers Sentenced To 10 Weeks In Jail in Iranian Prison

DNC Official May Have Violated Laws To Help Joe Biden

95% Of Americans Troubled By State Of Media in 2019

Report: Baisley Ford's Dad Supported Brett Kavanaugh

83% Americans Blame Mental Illness For Reason For Most Mass Shootings

Clinton Sifts Through Emails For Italian Art Pose Edition

Trump Increased Funding For Colleges By 17%

Trump: Pelosi Will Do Right Thing On Impeachment



HUD Inspector General Clears Ben Carson Of Any Wrong Doing In Scandal

Expert: 20% Of All Colleges Will Close Doors In Next 25 Years

Actor Admits Left Exaggerates Climate Change

Texans File Lawsuit Against San Antonio Airport For Chick-Fil-A Ban

President Trump Rallies In Fayetteville, NC


Weird Ultrasound Image Has Woman Believing She Is Carrying Demon Baby




LOCAL Updated: 09/14/2019 09:10:14 PM
Lafollette Man Busted For Drugs
Cumberland County Sheriff Looking For Runaway Teen  
Car Crashes Into UT Medical Center
Man Trespasses At Greeneville High Seeing If He Would Get Caught  
More Local Stories HERE

STATE/REGION Updated: 09/14/2019 09:10:14 PM

Tennessee Receiving 109 Million In Grants For Floods, Other Disasters  
Multiple People Hurt in Stabbing In Tallahassee, Florida  
4 Crew Members Rescued From Georgia Boat Accident  
TBI Issues Warrant For West TN Murder Suspect  
More State Stories HERE
NATION Updated: 09/14/2019 09:10:14 PM
911 Victims Families Rip Omar's "Someone Did Something" Comments Regarding 9-11
John Bolton Out As National Security Advisor After Trump Says He And Bolton No Longer See Eye To Eye  
T. Boone Pickens Dies At Age 91
Mom Fears Demon Baby After Baby Ultrasound
Bahamas Death Toll Rises To 44 After Hurricane Dorian  
Nearly 900 Cases Of Mumps Found Among Migrants  
Sarsour Endorses Bernie Sanders For President  
Hillary Clinton Working Secretly With Elizabeth Warren  
Alveda King: Bernie's Population Control Will Target Black Communities  
CNN, MSNBC, Have Lost A Fifth Of Their Audience
More National Stories HERE

WORLD/ISRAEL Updated: 09/14/2019 09:10:14 PM

Saudis Cut Oil Output After Drone Attack
Nearly 2500 People Missing From Hurricane Dorian In Bahamas As New Storm Forms That Could Possibly Threaten Islands Again
Government Teams Arrive In Bahamas as Death Toll Rises
Rashida Tlaib Meets With Pro Terrorist Palestinian Group Officials  
Thousands Still Missing in Bahamas  
Brutal Ex Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe Dead at 95
France: Slime Killer Lakes A Real Danger To Life  
Hong Kong Protesters Plead With President Trump to Liberate Them  
Bahamian Prime Minister: US Aide Likely Saved Many Lives In Bahamas
Hong Kong Police Storm Playground And Attack Teen Protesters
BOJO Taking Heat For Suspending Parliament
More World Stories HERE
NEWS FROM ISRAEL Updated: 09/14/2019 09:10:14 PM
Gaza Hit With Southern Drone Fire In Israel  
Thoughts From Poles Who Saved Jews From Holocaust  
IDF Identifies Hezbollah Militants Trained In Iran for Drone Attack  
Report: Israel Strikes Terror Base Deep In Lebanon's Territory  
Gaza Terror Rockets Interrupt Israeli Concert  
Iran's Foiled Drone Attempt in Syria   
More World Stories HERE
Devotion: "The Spirit Of Lawlessness" By David Wilkerson  
Students Protest John Carroll After Drag Queen Event Cancelled  
Colorado Schools Assert State Mandated Sex-Ed Curriculum Unconstitional
Jamie Riley Resigns After Offensive Remarks  
Pete Buttineg Twists Scripture On Abortion  
Nashville Catholic School Bans Harry Potter At Advice Of Exorcist  
Gender Neutral Pronouns, Sports Teams Greet Arlington, Tx School Students on First Day Of Class
LGBT Activists Say Those Who Don't Want Drag Queens Telling Stories To Kids in Public Libraries "White Supremacists "
Boko Haram Burns Chibok Home Of Christian Girls Kidnapped In 2014
Federal Judge Blocks Missouri Abortion Law  
Firestorm Over Drag Queen Pushes Texas City To Change Library Policies  
Man Opens Fire On South Carolina Worshippers But Gun Jams
Sudan's Persecuted Christians See New Hope in New Government Leaders  
Poll: 70% Of U.S. Mad At Political Establishment  
Man Crosses Busy Highway To Recover American Flag  
DNC Speaker: Socialism Endorsed By Constitution, Bible
Congressman Sean Duffy Resigning To Take Care Of Wife During Troubling Pregnancy  
Coach Of No. 1 Clemson: My Number One Purpose In Life Is To Glorify God  
Dems Pass Resolution Praising Non-Religious People, Swiping At Church Goers  
Pastor Killed, One Other Kidnapped In Northern Nigeria  
Four Christians Killed In Burkina Faso For Wearing Cross  
Algeria Christians Facing Persecution From Government Wanting To Shut Churches Down  
Hindu Nationalism Leading To Greater Persecution in India
More Faith HERE
American Airlines Pilot Accused Of Sabotaging Jet; Came From Iraq  
Minnesota Parents Rally To Protect Kids Against State Mandated Planned Parenthood Sex- Ed  
Convict Arrested For Allegedly Raping Amish Woman In Her Own Home  
Missing California Mother's Remains Found - Husband Arrested  
Illegal Alien Convicted of Stabbing Three Year Old Girl To Death On Halloween  
Lyft Sued By 14 Women Who Claimed Drivers Sexually Assaulted Them Or Raped Them  
Swedish Scientist Proposes Cannibalism To Fight Climate Change  
Nearly Four Tons of Meth Found In New Mexico  
Eight States To Go After Facebook For Anti-Trust Violations  
Wal-Mart Bans Sales Of Ammo In Alaskan Stores  
Accused Kidnapper Claims Father Sold Child For $10K
Midland Shooter Failed Background Check According To Texas Governor Greg Abbott
41 Shot, 7 Fatally In Chicago Over Labor Day Weekend  
Before Suicide, NYPD Detective Was Questioned About Sister's Double Murder Hire For Plot Scheme  
Agency Boss Accused Of Furnishing Girls For Jeffrey Epstein's Island Vanishes  
Lawmaker: IG Report Going To Lead To Indictments  
Eight Schoolchildren Killed In China Knife Attack On First Day Of School  
Three Shot Outside Minnesota State Fair Event  
Woman Arrested For Burning Flag Gets Priceless Response From VA Firefighters  
American Idol Contestant Dead In Motorcycle Accident  
Student Driver Who Led Police On 137 MPH Chase In Custody  
Oregon Man Accused Of Sending Lewd Pics To Alabama Girl  
West Tennessee Pastor Found Guilty of Raping, Abusing Child  
Hayes: Comey's Claim He Didn't Leak Just Don't Measure Up To IG Beatdown Of Former FBI Director  
Rotherham Rape Claims Among Gang Members Increase  

More Criminal Justice Cases HERE

Impeachment Push Ends With A Whimper In August  
Dem 2020 Race Down To Biden, Sanders, Warren
CNN Contributor Sacked After Trashing Panel Pushing Charlottesville Hoax  
Whoopi Says Blacklisting Trump Donors By Debra Messing Not Right  
Ex-Newark  Official Alleges Corruption In Cory Bookers Mayoral Campaign  
Trump Demands Retraction From MSNBC Over O'Donnell Deutsche Bank Claims  
Biden: Close ALL Detention Centers Down For Illegals
Biden: Make DACA Illegals Americans Before Americans  
Trump Reacts To Breitbart Journalist Being Kicked Out Of O'Rourke Event  
Trump: Stephens A "Lightweight" And A Bed Bug  
College Board Drops Student Diversity On SAT
Lee: America Is Ready For Repatriations After Four Years Of Trump  
Dems Left Off Next Debate Stage SLAM DNC Requirements  
Ex Rep Joe Walsh To Run Primary Challenge To Trump  
NYPD Harassed For Arresting Suspect  
Harry Reid: Trump Going To Be Hard To Beat In 2020  
Bret Stephens; Trump Morally Unfit To Be President, "Nuts"
Biden Tied With Sanders, Warren In New National Poll  
Dems Accused Of Lying About Trump's Court Pick  
More Political News Here


Racists Do Not Fight Against Abortion  
Kirk: Hong Kong Protests A Great Example Why Second Amendment So Important  
Tim Ryan: Dems Lose 48 States In 2010 If They Keep Going The Path They Going
Boy Scouts Need To Reform Or They Will Die As Organization
Nolte: Never Trumpers Show Just How Stupid Never Trumpism Is
Conway: Swift Went Against Trump - And LOST At MTV Awards  
Nolte: NYT Plays Victim Card Instead Of Racists They Are  
Nolte: CNN's Ryan Offers Up Ridiculous Reason Body Guard Roughed Up Supporter  
Young Americans Don't Value Patriotism, Values Or Having Kids  
Charlie Kirk: Left Wants To Deconstruct Nation From Within
Democrats Have Demonized Every Trump Supporter  
Cuomo's Guns Should Be Red Flagged After His Personal Meltdown  

SPECIAL: Obama's Historic History Or Surveillance Abuse Of Power

We Can Never Trust The FBI, CIA Again: Nolte

Google Cracks Down On Political Speech Among Employees  
Trump Scolds General Motors For China Plants  
Jerome Powell's War With Trump Continues  
Global Stocks On Rise As China USA Trade War Eases  
Walmart To Stop Alaska Handgun Sales
Time To Split Up Apple Says Business Expert  
Kansas Faculty Wants Chick-Fil-A Kicked Off School Campus  
Trump Rips GM Over China Plants
Electric Car Sales Plunge 41% Over Past Three Years In Ireland  
Post: Pumpkin Lattes Tied To Segregation, Slavery  
Low Calorie Soft Drinks Lead To Higher Rate Early Death
U.S. Judge Orders Big Companies To Stand Trial In Opiods Deaths  
Cancer Overtakes Heart Disease As World's Top Killer  
China: U.S. Only Giving Limited Cooperation In Fentanyl Crisis
Tuberculosis Rates Down In Most Children In U.S.
U.S. Records 19 New Cases of Measles As Of Last Week
Netflix Preps Clinton For Presidential Series On Its Network
Matthew McConaughey Named Professor At University Of Texas
Trebeck Back At Jeopardy After Cancer Treatments  
Brooks, Underwood, Nominees for 2019 CMA Awards  
SNLs Davidson Under Fire For Calling Central Florida Students "$#$#$ ing Retarded" In Skit  
White House Fires Back At Taylor Swift Over Equality Act Rant
More Life, Business, Health Stories HERE
2019 College Football Rankings  
HIS WEEK: Vols Host Chattanooga
Atlanta Falcons Report - Atlanta 12, Minnesota 28 - Week 2 - Home - Philadelphia
Tennessee Titans Report - Tennessee 43, Cleveland 13 - Week 2 - Home - Indianapolis Colts
Atlanta Braves Report
Major League Baseball Scores
Brigham Young Rallies To Beat Vols 29-26 In Double Overtime
Soccer Team Bans Betsy Ross Flag
George Washington Sacks Mascot After Some Students Offended At Historical "Meaning"  
College Football Poll, Predictions After Week 2 
Power Rankings After Week 3
Woman Soccer Player Offered NFL Kicking Job


Tennessee Smokies Baseball Report

Scores, Schedule, MORE

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