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Russia Collusion Fades, Ukrainian

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Rising Country Music Star Justin Carter Dies Due To Accidental Gun Discharge


Vols Play First Game IN NCAA Tourney Tonight As

No. 2 Seed Against Colgate In Columbus, Ohio

Auburn Wins SEC Championship With 84-64 Rout Of Vols On Sunday


Red For Ed Group Threatening Illegal Teacher's Strike In Tennessee


Federal Judge Blocks Kentucky Heartbeat Law That

Prohibits Abortion When Heartbeat Detected


ESPN Offers Peyton Manning Monday Night Football


Warren Policies To Cost Nation  $100 Trillions Dollars With "Green New Deal"  


Here's How The Steele Dossier Spread Throughout The Government

Deposition Shows Steele Did Little Research On Dossier Target


49 Killed, 20 Injured In Worst Mass Shooting In New Zealand As Gunman Targets Muslim Mosque

New Zealand Gun Owners Voluntarily Surrendering Weapons To Authorities In Wake Of Christ Church Massacre

Largest Gun Show In New Zealand Cancels Event In Wake of Shooting  

John Legend Joins Chorus Of Actors Blaming Trump For Massacres Like Christ Church  


Paul Ryan Joins Fox In Top Role, Along With Former DNC Chairman Donna Brazille

Fox News Suspends Jeanine Pirro For Two Weeks For Omar Comments


Devin Nunes Sues Twitter For $250M


Gunman Kills 3 On Dutch Tram - Terrorism Likely Source Of Shooting


Amount Of Meth Pouring Across Southern Border "Skyrocketing" According to Reports


LOCAL Updated: 03/22/2019 09:38:02 AM
More Local Stories
Live Dead Roaches Found At Knoxville Restaurant That Gets Lowest Failing Grade By Food Inspectors In Years  
Lamar Alexander Rips Trump Over Campus Free Speech Order  
Travel Advice For Vol Fans Going To Columbus, Ohio For NCAA Tourney Game  
Drugs And Loaded Handgun Found At Dandridge Traffic Stop Over Weekend
Loudon County Authorities Looking For Missing Lenoir City Woman  
Bassmaster Classic To Bring Nearly $20M To Knoxville Economy

STATE/REGION Updated: 03/22/2019 09:38:02 AM

More State Stories HERE
Georgia Dems Announce Bill For Men To Report Ejaculations In Retaliation For Strict Anti-Abortion Bill Signed Monday
Hair Braiding Bill Advances in TN Senate  
Anti Abortion Bill Clears Georgia Senate  
Three TN Men Arrested In Massachusetts On Gun Related Charges  
Governor Lee: I'm Proud To Back Anti-Abortion Legislators In Tn 
Time Running Out For Veterans To Get Special Tax Refund Credit  
Confederate Statue Vandalized In Murfreesboro  
Georgia Lawmaker Seeking To Outlaw Vasectomies, Sex Without Condom  
NATION Updated: 03/22/2019 09:38:02 AM
More National Stories HERE
Another Top Mueller Investigator Leaving Probe Signaling Investigation May Be Nearing An End
Warren's Policies To Cost Nation $100T If Implemented If She's Elected President
10 Times Experts Predicted World Would End Due To Climate Change  
Trump: George Conway "Total Loser"  
Trump: Social Media Will Side With Radical Left As Will Old Media: "We Will Win Anyway "  
ADL Extremists Killings Down 39% Under President Donald Trump
Mentally Disabled Christian Beaten By Muslim Mob In Pakistan
Trump Administration: Yazidis Protests Outside White House: "You're Not Forgotten"  
Trump More Popular In Deep Blue New York Than Cortez  
Former Speaker Of House Paul Ryan Joins Fox Corp Board  
Records Show FBI Was Probing Michael Cohen Long Before Raid
Beto Gets First Congressional Endorsement In Kathleen Rice  
Mitt Romney Bucks President Trump On National Border Emergency Declaration  
400 Illegal Aliens Coming Across Border In 24 Hours  

WORLD/ISRAEL Updated: 03/22/2019 09:38:02 AM

More World Stories
8 Dead In Brazil Elementary School Shooting  
Brazil's New President Speaks To Fox News On Recent Tweets, Mysterious Killings in Nation  
Mentally Disabled Christian Beaten By Muslim Mob In Pakistan
Majority Of Britons Back No Deal Brexit Delay
West African Court Faults Nigerian Government For Allowing Persecution Of Christians In Region  
UK Parliament Votes To Delay BREXIT Vote Again
UK Lawmaker Wants Knives To Be Tracked With GPS Device
75 Percent Of Syrian Refugees Will Stay In Netherlands Permanently  
Sex Attacks Up 30 Percent On Paris Public Transit System
Indonesian Woman Freed Two Years After Killing Kim John Nam, Brother Of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, Murder Charges Dropped
Maduro: Massive Venezuelan Blackout A Slap In Face Of Imperialist United States
NEWS FROM ISRAEL Updated: 03/22/2019 09:38:02 AM
Israeli Leaders Vow To Tackle Housing Crisis In Nation  
Hamas Beating Reporters Reporting On Hamas Violence In Gaza As MSM Remains Silent  
Exxon To Let Israel Bid on Gas Pipeline In Major Middle East Shift  
Graham: Israel Giving Up Golan Heights A Strategic Nightmare
Bernie Sanders Defends Omar Saying She's Right About Legitimate Criticism Of Israel
More World Stories
Harris Takes Aim At VP Pence For Following Billy Graham Rule
Islamists Burn Nine Houses Of Christians In Latest Nigerian Violence  
Mentally Disabled Christian Beaten By Muslim Mob In Pakistan
Actress Glazer Says NY Abortion Law Making World A Better Place
MA Lawmakers Vote On Bill Equating Counseling For Gender Confusion With Child Abuse  
Left Study: White People Responsible For Blacks and Latinos Higher Exposure To Pollution
Girl Scouts Awards Teen For Pro-Abortion Stance and Working With Anti-Trump Women's March  
First Cousins Seek Marriage License In Utah
Former NYPD Captain Kerrick To Barr: Investigate Dirty NY Ag Vance For Role In Mueller Probe on Manafort  
President Trump: Invasion Coming At Southern Border - Thousands Of Illegal Aliens Captured Over Past Several Months
French Prime Minister Bans Yellow Vests During Upcoming Events In France
Family Demands Justice After Illegal Alien Given 14 Months For Decapitating Their Loved One In Accident  
MS 13 Members Accused Of Stabbing Virginia Teen 100 Times  
Ethical Investor From Silicon Valley Latest To Be Charged In College Cheating Scandal
Nine Times Ice Ordered Detained Criminal Illegal Alien Arrested For Murder  
MS-13 Member Kills New Jersey Man for Wearing A Peyton Manning Jersey
ICE: Catch and Release In Overdrive  
Cologne NYE Sex Attacks Convicted
Morning Joe: Unfair To Target Beto And What He Did At Age 16
Madame Secretary Star Lectures Christians on Global Warming
Fox News Suspends Pierro, Then Hires Donna Brazille As Contributor
Booker: Trump Is A Racist Because Racists Understand This Language That Causes Fear and Pain  
Scarborough Questions Trump's Faith In Rant On MSNBC
Most Americans Feel Mueller Probe Of Trump Is Witch Hunt
McDaniel: Biggest Issue Of 2020 Election is Government Vs. Liberty
Bruce Ohr: I Told FBI Steele Was Compromised And Wanted To Destroy Trump At All Costs  
Mueller Pit Bull Weissmann Leaves Russian Probe  
Omar's Daughter Leading Climate Change School Walk Outs  
Trump: Fake News Photo Shopped Melania Images
Jordan and Meadows: Dems Want To Rig Census For Political Gain
Poll: AOC Leads Pack As Villain Responsible For Amazon New York City Pullout
CNN Stunned When Latino Group Backs Trump's Push For Border Wall, Wants It Higher, Longer
Meghan McCain Rips Trump's Attack on Late Father After Info Emerges Late Senator Dished Dossier To FBI
Beto: Ban AR-15 Sales In America
Gidley: Tell Angel Moms and Dads Emergency Declaration Not Necessary on Border  
62 Central American Immigrants Arrested At Border
Beto: Third Term Abortions Decision Of Mother  
Democrats Worried Census Citizenship Question Will Endanger House Majority
Black Conservatives Demand NAACP Drop Jussie Smollett For Image Award Nomination
Donald Trump Renews Push To Defund NPR, PBS Of Federal Funds
Democrats Threaten to Stack Supreme Court In 2020 If They Take Power  

BREXIT: Be Full Of Faith And Prayer But Don't Fear
I'm A Muslim And I'm Damn Angry At Dems Not Condemning Illhan Omar
President Trump Did Right Thing Grounding Boeing 737's Max 8 and Max 9 Planes  
Trump's Budget Draws Three Big Lines In The Sand That Separate Him From Progressives
Ingraham: College Scandal Shows What Real Abuse Of Privilege Looks Like  
Rich Rigged The System Without Shame In College Scandal And We Need To Take Note  
Carlson: We Will Never Bow To The Mob
Hull: Booker Hides Behind Smoke Screen Trying To Legalization Of Pot  
Hull: Taliban Talking With Uzbekistani Officials Should Worry U.S.
President Trump Donates Salary For First Quarter To Homeland Security  
CNN Poll: 71% Of Nation Says Economy Doing Well Under Trump
Nearly 8K Workers Could Lose Job if Ohio GM Plant Closes  
President Trump Says Deregulation Has Been Biggest Factor In Booming Economy
Trump Gives Ohio GM Plant Manager Ultimatum: Close Plants In China, Not Ohio!
Wall Street Rises Despite Boeing Woes Amid Second Crash  
Boeing Groundings Of Max 8 and Max 9 Being Felt Around The World
U.S. Joins Other Nations Grounding Boeing Planes Following Second Crash That Killed 185 People Including 8 Americans  
Here's How Much The Average American Spends Per Day
Mental Health and the Workplace - What Business Owners Need To Know  
Small Business Loans Hit Record Levels During February  
Jobs Report Show 20,000 Added Jobs In February  
How to Find Cheaper Prescription Drugs
Why Millennial Depression Is On The Rise
E-Cigarettes Can Ruin Your heart According To Study
Weight Training Can Help Type 2 Diabetics
The Biggest Mistake Dieters Make - Not Enough Water
Myths About Tanning Beds
Zombie Deer Disease May Track Into Humans According To Health Study  
Doing 40 Push Ups A Day Will Lead To Better Health
Seven Benefits Of Eating Beets From Weight Loss To Better Sex  
Accidental Opioid Deaths Top Car Accidents For First Time In History
Ten Times Experts Predicted End Of World Due To Climate Change  
Trump: Smarter And Tougher Because They Work Their Asses Off  
Rob Lowe Praises Hard Working Son Amid College Cheating Scandals
Dean Norris: Rick F$#$wards Tried To Cheat College For Privileged Kids
Why Do Women Still Get Pregnant While On Pill
Bald Eagle Trapped On Railroad Tracks  
Media Matters Head Under Fir For Derogatory Comments
Pilot Buys 70 Hamburgers For Stranded Flyers During Winter Storm That Grips Plains
Major League Baseball Opening Day Schedule For 2019 - All 30 MLB Teams  






March Madness Matchups - Predictions From Sports Illustrated



Cowboys Players Involved In Bar Room Brawl /
TN Lawmaker Wants Change To Where Athletes Are Paid In NCAA Rules  
Braves Not Engaged In Keuchel Talks, Nor Kimbrell

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Nyxvim Latest Updates As Salzman Takes Plea
Church Pedophiles And Trafficking "Nests"
Inside Hillary's Latest Tax Scandal  
The Abortion Agenda - What You Don't Know  
Will The Real Jim Yong Stand Up As The World Bank Turns  
Interview with Former Haitian Senate President (AUDIO)
Traffickers Exploit Haiti To Tune Of $10B
Organ Trafficking Conspirators A Worldwide Epidemic  
What We Know About The Sealed Indictments  

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